Da calm after da storm

As with most things Maui, the 'storm' was a beautiful, passing event. It came, rather unexpected, it didn't live up to its hype (it's like as the 'storm' hit, IT just decided to go with the requisite "maui time" and just loll around effortlessly about the isle), it went- leaving barely an imprint. 
So. . .this brings us up to the present status quo of a fabulous brilliant Saturday with the scenery looking like a surreal photoshop project. The atmosphere is clean and clear in a lucid sort of way leaving me with hypnopompic dreams of. . . staying indoors and continuing the editing process of my film, "Istanbul Calling."
I have taken on this endeavor (finally) after being invited to a party for the retiring art director of the MACC. Daryl & Mary sought me out at the latest opening, Schafer Portrait challenge, www.mauiarts.org/schafer.html which I encourage all Maui denziens and visitors alike to check out. Back to the story. . . they were elated to tell me that they decided to go to Istanbul because I had painted such a bomb picture of that incredible city! They invited me to come over for their party and have me as the entertainment show along with my pictures of my experience! Imagine my surprise- I forgot to mention to them that one of the highlights was all the fun I had with my death metal rocker Turkish boyfriend that makes horror films, or all the corrupt partying I involved myself in with my friends there, etc! Did I in fact take pictures of the magnificent architecture? (I kid I kid). 
So, that was a week ago and I have been up LATE every night since editing all my pictures and labeling them, and taking out all the naked pics ::), etc so I can make a presentable slideshow with my projector. Additionally we are making Turkish cuisine so tomorrow am after yoga is dedicated to making baba ganoush! 
In other news, Katie-girl & I are headed to Cafe Marc Aurel, www.cafemarcaurel.com/ later this evening for an art opening and to catch up on chit chat. Wailuku Town is such a sweet oddity. I feel at home there- even though Haiku is home so more appropriately is, I feel at work there. Not a bad commute indeed.
As an archaeologist who is part of a movement to officially bring the sexy back to archaeology, I believe that having a work schedule comprising 4 10 hour days a week helps to add more sexiness right there in itself. Having 3 days off is a mini-vacation- EVERY WEEK. Now that's sexy. Well, for us worker bees, this schedule is highly coveted. I take advantage of this sexy time and get into the beachyogafriendscomputereatingdancing . Oozing sexyness now and bringing it out into the field come Monday! 
Since sexy archaeology consumes my brainwave activity today I will dish about my sexy archaeologists. At one of our current active archaeological job sites- surveying, mapping, & data recovery  of a pre-Contact Hawaiian site next to sweet beach-  ok, getting sidetracked again. . .
So Diane (Lil'D, Rochelle la Belle, Katie-girl, Shellusha and HollyMissBerry are the main female characters (Nico plays the alpha male lead). We do also have some part-time co-stars; Lady Di, Amy Bombastic (Amy I'll tell ya about it later. . .), and Liz Mare (she likes horses).
 So I'm going to dedicate some time time to making this happen; documenting our sexy lives. You guys will be frequently rewarded with updates & video snippits (love that word) on our place in this spec of time that we occupy on this planet we set up house in.

I'm not sure if I came to my/a point here and I don't feel like proofing so this is it for now.  I suppose one point might be that I'm just a girl, and kinda interesting I think, so follow my adventures and tell me what you think. . . And for those that already know my fleshly existence, as opposed to my cyber existence, you know why you are reading this!