Holding Pattern

I've been on a 'holding pattern' for the past month or so- as in 'holding my shit together' pattern... Summer fever and working through summer; tough challenge, but I accepted it with as much grace as I could muster. The semester is starting to wind down now and the 2-week countdown has begun I'm elated to report.

World Cup fever has also taken over our crew here. Being on this side of the world (close (enough) to Russia) means that game-timing is quite excellent. We assemble at some local watering hole and watch the game under the stars and just shooting the shit basically. Good fun. Good crew. Good shenanigans.

Last night we hit up the Dubliner Irish Pub, our second choice. Our current favorite, 'Vogue', was all booked up. The tele is mega-huge, and it just kinda reminds me of the drive-in theatre daze- not that that was around when I was growing up. Actually I remember them mostly because of going to the swap meet with my dad on Saturdays.

This one we went to a lot was in the parking lot of a drive-in movie theatre. He would be wearing that raffia sombrero and walking around with glee looking at all the gadgets, wires, and all-things seemingly broken and useless. Yea, those aisles were his favorite aisles. When the owner of such fine curiosities would come up to us, my father would go into his 'demonstration mode' with his hands. Always the hands. Talking. Then the camaraderie would come about between inquisitor and seller. They spoke the same language. They spoke the language where hard-working men from immigrant families talk story- their stories. Yea,

Yea, those hands shaped me. Damn. I miss the shit outta him some days. Since I'm the youngest of 5, half my siblings had already left home when I was starting that staring-silently-while-questioning- life-around-me phase,  I spent a lot of time just hanging out with him on the weekends. Oftentimes he and my brothers could be found in the garage- working on projects: radio-controlled airplane building and repairs, working on cars, organizing tools- yea, that kinda family. My core is that (IMHO) solid foundation that produced my basic principles that I always challenge myself to live up to.

Ah family time.

But I digress... That was a great tangent to follow- great memories of my father add to my Saturday Morning Sanctuary Space. You know this space as all my previous 'blogging day' spaces; in bed with fresh french press coffee. The kitties are profundly missed. Their progress as 'dreamers' is going well. They are fully adapted into Pacific Northwest Americana Kitty Kat Kulture. Their family adventures continue on in spirit, and various social media, this Chapter. Damn the kitts; adorables!

Speaking of french presses, last summer I picked up this all kinds of awesome stainless steel french press on amazon. It is easily one of my most coveted items that made the cut in shifting spaces and heading to Iraqi-Kurdistan mode.

Back to the Russia World Cup 2018, last night's game was kinda a bummer; Brazil lost to Belgium. Admittedly, they played a solid game; Brazil just could not find a space opening up for them to score. Another game tonight awaits!

Back to the main idea I originally had for today's entry... 6-week vacation mode coming on strong. The long, slow build-up is so worth the wait. I'm gleeful just visualizing organization:

Step 1: Basically, spin the globe. Figure out main theme: yoga/sun/surf/Portugal. Then, change to Plan B (Thailand), then Plan C (Sri Lanka). Plan C was pulling HARD at me; had me nearly convinced that monsoon season won't be so bad- which I firmly believe is the case, but, Plan E (original Plan A) came back around again, after Plan D's inception, Morocco. Haha, yes. Step 1 has a delicate balance between wanderlust and logistics. The figuring out of flights, flight awards, multi-city itineraries, etc. Such matters lessen the stoke factor in those moments of frustration between different airfare websites, getting all the damn pass-codes together, etc. Exhausting that part, but then FINALLY one day it all comes together (this morning for me): Flying into Lisbon, and outta Marseilles back to Suli with stopovers in Istanbul, of course. Think about including Plan D, as well as semi-dwell on newly formulated (this morning!) Plan F: Marseilles! I haven't taken a look-see in Marseilles since 2001. I'm curious. I'm stoked. Then I was also thinking about a cruise through the second-hand clothing shops in Paris... All over the place I am. A solid plan, I was KINDA looking forward to tropics though... Alas.

Step 2: organize all tedious stuff: passport/currency info/train information/necessary documents for proof of existence- if necessary... Also included in this step is reviewing in my mind things that I need to gather. Put the backpack in an underused corner somewhere in the apartment and just lay it open and as I walk by here and there, as I remember things I just drop it into the bag. Don't even attempt to look at its contents piling up daily. Deal with it later.

Step 3: Later... Process of elimination. This step always makes me feel smarter- about everything. I'm really good about packing light (for trips ONLY, as I have a (some would say reckless habit of over-packing when I make my moves). Everything gets used, AND there is always room for exotic fabric purchases... If there isn't, boom get the cheap-ass duffel bag you got down in the bazaar and fill it with goodies!

Step 4: Plastic zip-lock baggies

Step 5: Just do it.

That's it for today folks, peace.