Every Day is a MythHollyday

deep inside the bowels of Tuni Baba, Iraqi Kurdistan

Every Day is a MythHollyday

Equinox:  aequi- 'equal'     nox- 'night'  (Latin)

Autumnal Equinox: This land holding a firm grip to the sun beating down upon its earth, incessantly. The battle nearly won. Soon night shall prevail. This day brings change with equal hours of daylight and night. Tomorrow we are renewed: Winter is coming.

As I gaze into the bright morning sun beating down on my lanai here in the Cradle of Civilization, the rhythm of summer seems to want to reign supreme still. The marching clouds in the distance advance, they are equipped with a different story-ending. Fearless and fearful of the sun perhaps, they dance around and into the sun's path. As of right now, the sun has its way. Soon its time is up. Give in to the natural rhythms, please!

This transition holds much lore involving celestial science, oral traditions, and myth. I am attracted to THIS. In our modern world we are so far removed from eARTh rhythms unless we seek out the silence that opens up the channels to this awareness. Awareness. aWAReness. It is in a sense a war...

In ancient Greece Persephone returns to the underworld where Hades, her husband, dwells.

Ancient Mesopotamia and 3rd millennium Ur marked the change with the Akītu. Because the autumnal equinox marks the time when the moon is visible longer than the sun, it seems natural that the people of Ur revered Nanna (Inanna/Ishtar)- their patron (moon) deity at this time. Babylon, Uruk, Nippur, etc. all seem to have similar Akitu festivals, but with minute differences. Difficulty in interpretations, of course, result due to gaps in recovered documents (cunneforms) and interpretations.

Magikal traditions of autumn are especially potent, so I always like to delve deeper into my own 'Bewitching Hour' ruminations. After all, darkness is a beautiful thing; it's where seeds germinate. In terms of our subconscious, it's the center of power and so potency, IMHO.

Recently I've dusted off my tarot cards and indulged in giving a friend a reading. Intuitively, tarot necessitates reflection and observations of the natural world that can guide us in the present. It's an enormous task with responsibility attached. We are losing touch with eARTh vibrations, and context is blanketed with a myriad of external influences that work in equally mysterious ways. Just yesterday I picked back up my protractor and started messing around with geometrical shapes. Time to sink deeper, yes.

This coming autumnal equinox, I feel, is already tugging at my being. I am absorbed with seeking out the mysteries of this land I call home at this time. I am a blank slate eager to decipher cuneiform inscriptions that will etch themselves into my memory, my DNA coding.

So yea, that's where I'm at on this fine day. The Bewitching Hour of the autumnal equinox draws near; 5 am tomorrow or thereabouts. Such as the dying off of the crops with a procession of renewal of the eARTh, so shall I shed my past that no longer serves as once beneficial.

Okay, more coffee...


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