when ya got lemonade, ya drink it...Super refreshing, ya

Kinli Ada Odyssey. Photo credit to Laura Fezzy.

Back in November the work started- earlier actually.  I feel I've made a conscious-with-just-the-right-mix-of-unconscious effort to make sure that my lemonade will taste epic. Because, after all, it's an experiment- this road map of (my) life, what with all the strange off ramps I've designated necessary and designed...

Upcoming, my magical mystery (re)tour. It's all about surrounding oneself in/receiving/accepting the right proportions of balance of pleasure (no work) and pain (work). How you turn that pain into pleasure- yea. I'm thirsty to do just that.

I have joined ranks of the deep resistance, I'm happy to report. I suppose that will eventually unfold here at a later date. For now, still being unfamiliar with this off ramp, I keep it to myself, and my inner sanctum of alliances. Yes. I'm, you can say, kinda 'guarding' my lemonade recipe- not wanting anything to morph yet. I feel the recipe is at near perfection in these moments. I want to savor it. Thereby indulging in building up the living-fantasy of my lemonade. Larger than life, or simply savoring? This upcoming off ramp has been designed with intentions of maximum pleasure and satisfaction- as much as there can be concerning working endeavors at any rate. Many people have played a role in this odyssey- that's what's so sweet about the recipe...

His question caught me off guard, honestly. I mean, I am fairly adept, IMHO, at giving Skype interviews. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because when you are feeling confident about your next employment gig, and you just cast some stones far and wide because you're still in that mode, and the bait is taken... Well, let's just say that my Plan B for next year is looking better than my Plan A... And now, I've added a Plan C- that fits in just perfectly for summer. Serendipitous.

Honestly, I need Plan C, for a variety of reasons. Which brings me back to his question: What was it that led me to Plan C? I held back. Well, I thought, it 'fits' No. No no. It's not so simplistic as 'fitting' and needing a summer gig.

I am thirsty. For nature. A foreign natural environment, that's actually not so foreign for me. For exquisite lemonade. My thirst is so deep inside me. It's bubbling over its Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, metaphorically speaking of course.

While camping in Kas during spring break a few weeks back, I understood it all. Starry nights turning into road maps leading to a tall drink of lemonade. From my hammock, inside my tent, on the trail, at the beach, roaming through the narrow streets, I understood it all. Setting is everything...

I purged that understanding, and simply replied to him, "I need to be surrounded by majestic open spaces." America's national treasures. Land stewardship in these uneasy times, is more important than ever. It was spiritual vomit, what I spewed that afternoon. Real. Afterwards, a sense of accomplishment washed over; being able to tacitly explain what's locked away deep in my gut was not only self-invigorating, but well received. Have I suddenly found another tribe of mine? Me thinks. 

So anyway, I've included for an other adventure from a different off ramp. I finally noticed this off ramp, and my lemonade is, naturally, sweeter for it.

My witches brew of lemonade. This next month, so many essential ingredients are going into the pot. A unique blend of friends and location here, whose energies I receive warmly, are a true gift of loving spirit that guides me into the known unknown. Am I prepared? Sure! No matter. I am prepared to accept what I have brewed.

LaGra and I trotted off to Kinli Ada (island) in the Sea of Marmara on Saturday. All the signs were present: a sunny forecast-ed weekend... Yea, it's that simple. As we originally met on an island, it is overwhelmingly appropriate that we continue to seek out islands to settle our restless spirits and primal desires to carry out amphibian-like traditions of basking in the sun to regenerate our beings.

Am I drinking my lemonade just yet? Not quite. Right now I'm drinking coffee, in bed- as I usually do when I write this blog. I'm letting the lemonade build-up flavor. It's so close.

I think I'll really develop a true sense of enjoyment from that tall glass of lemonade brewing. I momentary thought floats by currently; that first blog post from that new bed in that Plan C universe...

Hell yea, gimme summa that koolaid.  Uh, I mean lemonade.