What day is it?

Tuesday salutations,

So a lot has been on my mind lately and I've been internalizing it so to make it real, I'll externalize it- with this post...

Being back on Maui: Let's see, here is yesterday's recap: Get up 8:30 am & have coffee with Simone.  She, reluctantly, leaves for work. I pitter-patter around her house doing various chores- put her laundry in the dryer, make breakfast (yogurt and granola) and figure out my day. My day:

figure out how to get to Kihei from Makawao to pick up moped- or 'scooter' as Simone, apparently, correctly refers to it. Hitchhike. Got it- in 3 rides:

1.  ride from nice woman going to Mana Foods in Paia. She is a massage therapist. We exchange conversation about events in Turkey/Middle East/ US. While in Paia I check post office box for AMEX, renewed Hawaii driver's license, and BOH debit card. Then I go to Mana Foods.  Then I do a little window shopping in Paia.  I go into Nuage Bleu and catch up on Maui news with Terri.  Whine a bit that I have to hitchhike into Kihei in the heat of the day. They console me a bit. I go

2.  ride from young local (hapa haole) boy from Paia Bay to Hansen Road. He is figuring out the world. He has a 96 Toyota 4-runner- brings back memories of all my toyota 4-runners & trucks (3 total). We check to see if I know his family (originally Oahu born, but Cali raised). It seems I don't.

3.  ride from older photographer of women dude. Fun conversation about Maui, politics, and Georgetown University. He takes me to Ed's doorstep.

I pick up scooter and chat with Lee-Bear and Jimmy Da Kine for long time. Heat of the day is still on high, but a constant breeze.  I decide I'm ready to go back other side.  I go.

All sorts of side stories of the day of course: I get my fav mineral water at Mana Foods. I run into Greg (another massage therapist) and we talk story. He was my neighbor when I last left Maui and was headed for Tunisia 3 years ago.  He updates me on Stream's property @ 5 Corners.  I feel nostalgia for my little shack there (I lived in 2 separate shacks there actually). I see all the progress at Vanderland in Kihei since my last visit. I have a random conversation with a Harley Davidson dude right next to me and my little scooter at a stoplight in Kihei.  He is trying to impress me.  He does impress me.  He casually asks where I'm headed.  The light turns green and I take off on my scooter with a smiling grin.  Ahhhh Maui. I ride back to Makawao before rush hour traffic, yet still get stuck in Paia. Very liberating to see traffic piled up in Paia and I get to scoot right through on my scooter. That never happened before when I would be in my quiver of Toyota trucks waiting with the rest of the folk in Paia traffic.  I whiz by and head up to Makawao.  Wind is still blowing stink and I am ready to get off scooter.  I decide no need run tonight.  Rodeo General Store for organic Kale Caesar Salad and Shoyu Ahi Poke for dinner.  Solve the world's problems with Simone in the evening while drinking beer and champagne...

So. That took up the entire day folks. I know. I know.

Now, Tuesday morning, freshly coffeed, lying on the couch, am ready to greet the day. Oh, I finally had Mexican food the other day.  It was splendid.  I need some Castor Oil for my eyelashes today.  That's about it. The rest is beach and Mana Foods. 

Next week I head to Portland where Mr. Johnny Stack (my Kahoolawe co-worker) will meet/escort me to the UP in Michigan in his semi-truck.  That's right. I'm doing Amerika in style this summer.  Troutdale, Oregon to Flint, Michigan and then a quickie drive up through Mackinaw Bridge/Island into the UP. I'll be videotaping of course. I need footage for my American Culture/History classes I will be teaching in Bahrain at UofB this coming year!!!

I believe that I don't even know yet how epic this odyssey is going to be.  I mean, A FUCKING SEMI-TRUCK, truck stops with Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, wifi, showers, etc etc etc...

I was on Moloka`i last weekend.  Went to a wedding all local style on Papohaku Beach.  Erica (another archaeologist I met a few years back at the annual Society of Hawaiian Archaeology ((SHA) when it was held on Oahu)). was the beautiful bride and James her groom.  Had a great time with Katie-girl and her soon-groom Jamil and Laara from Seattle.  We went holoholo all over. Molokai stays country. Nice to experience that feeling. Much love for Moloka`i long time.

Yea that's about it for now folks.  Here are some pictures to leave you with. Enjoy!!!

nuff said...

what are these?

wedding prep

more wedding prep
post wedding
slippah blow-out, but I had back-up...

hiking for a good cause

good cause
Kalaupapa down below

palm trees impairing view of ocean...

Halawa Valley lookout. Looks like a good day for a picnic
ruins in Halawa Valley

an offering

trotting to Halawa Beach

picnic (Katie-girl DO NOT show Jamil this pic...)

feeling all biblical and shit

Jamil- cuckoo for coconuts

my choice

feeling all like it's the South Seas
on the ferryboat home: the kids- all tired and shit
a hui hou i hiki i ka la Moloki`i