Ouch, I think that's my liver

Liver talking back to me this morning, or at least I think that's where my liver is... Well, on the subject of liver, I had a funny interaction with one of my students this week & it went something like this,

Holly:  Fethi (a doctor) I need your help. Are there any chiropractors or acupuncturists in Tunisia?
Fethi:   What is wrong Miss Holly? I can help you.
Holly:   Well Fethi, I threw my back out in Istanbul because I had such a good time there.

(a long, animated conversation & demonstration ensued about what a 'thrown out' back is... haha)

Fethi:   Holly you can call me after 4pm on Thursday & come into my office and I'll look at your liver.
Holly:  Fethi I don't think it's my liver. I have had my back 'go out' a handful of times before & the liver  
            doesn't seem to be the culprit. As it stands, I hardly ever drink.
Fethi:   No, we must look at your liver. I think this is a good idea.

(another long, animated discussion ensues about acupuncturists)

Fethi:   Ok Holly, I have a friend who is this type of doctor. His office is down on Bourghiba. He is
            Tunisian & lived in China. He has a Chinese wife. He will help you, and his wife will serve you
Holly:  Ok Fethi, we are making progress

Oh it's this kind of stuff that makes me love my students & what I'm doing here.

Back to my liver, for real this time