Saturday morning in da 808

Just awoke after, finally, receiving a full 9 hours of sleep... I can't remember when I've had more than 6 hours of sleep. It's a beautiful day and all that I want to accomplish will likely be squashed by impending irrational behavior- at the beach!

At least I'm starting out slow: coffee and watching The Fountainhead on a ridiculously HUGE flat screen TV that a friend inherited... All my luggage is perched in front, just waiting for me to attack it. Sadly it is not so. Hmmm there is my glass of red wine from the previous night with a touch left in it sitting all alone on the coffeetable looking so coquettish that I suppose I need to drink it up and chase it with my rapidly cooling coffee.

Speaking of red wine, thanks Jimmy and David for a lovely early evening of pupus and adult beverages at Cafe `O Lei. Nice to catch up with old and new friends- especially with titillating conversation revolving around Winston Churchill and the Arab Spring of 2011. As I stood up (a bit wobbly) to depart my gentlemen friends I did happen to notice that all the tables around us were looking up to see who exactly was authoring a large part of the conversation... Haha!

Of course the Syrian troops amassed at the Turkish border has me a bit concerned... Granted I do acknowledge there is a certain element of interest in the entire geo-political environment of the areas where I choose to live that compels me to these areas. This interest sometimes morphs into 'intense' and I do understand that it is this intensity that draws me as well. Most my friends on Maui (geo-political environment = Don't worry be happy because you are on Maui & there is nothing to bother yourself about) do not quite understand this intensity for life that I enjoy trying to comprehend.

My anticipated move to Turkey didn't start out by my thinking I was going to another potentially conflict area. This is how it is turning out though, and I am always one to think that everything is meant to be as it is, so... I go forth, and with gratitude that I have this opportunity to experience yet another fascinating part of the world. After all, this is THE Fertile Crescent I am talking about...

So, The Fountainhead is only keeping half my interest this morning. Some of the cinematography is shot at an interesting, sorta larger-than-life angle, and the black & white definitely has me in that romantic 'film noir' kinda of morning that is so befitting of lounging around with coffee & other distractions... Yet the side story, the romance, bothers me. The woman is such a hardened bitch and why Howard Roark, a totally cool cutting edge architect, is attracted to this kind of woman just drives me nuts. She's a bitch and a helpless wreck all in one package just dying for attention. She's talking the talk but not walking the walk...

So, this leaves me with thoughts of the beach and some spa pampering- yes!

pupus  'appetizers' in Hawaiian Creole English