notes on Bahrain

with my most humble yogi

It's still officially the 'bewitching hour' here.  The 3:50 am call to prayer made me realize it's time to lay my head down on my pillow soon- before sunrise anyway...  I have 2 weeks left here in my tiny island host nation before I head back to my bigger island in the Pacific Ocean.  I do have a stop-off in Turkey for a few weeks first.  Istanbul calling me- always.  The Aegean Sea is calling me LOUDER.  Looking forward to some adventures with treasured friends & collaborators :) 

Yes, bikinis are staring at me from my closet here.  They are all so sad that I'm hardly ever in them.  they find it strange that I could ignore them for so long...

I have to say, it's tough not having a beach to HANG at. I know there are pools here, but it's just not the same.  I need sand.  I need waves.  I need ocean energy to wash over me and absolve my sins :) 

Bahrain... Bahrain has been good to me.  I won't soon forget this place.  This experience that seeped into my body and sprouted roots and took a firm hold- for a time.  Now it is time to transplant those roots- to another experience.  Many more experiences.  It seems I have a habit of 2 years. Two years here.  Two years there etc. We shall see what develops in the future.  I don't necessarily feel like placing roots firmly in any one particular place really.  So far, Turkey and Hawaii are my roots that keep me rooted.  But being rooted means I can pick up anywhere and everywhere.  This. THIS is a luxury.  Yes, luxury can be had on a shoestring.  I have nothing and so much at the same time. 

What has truly endeared me to Bahrain are the friendships I've made. I feel that I made a place for myself here.  I got comfortable here.  I felt at home here.  Sweet A`ali village I will miss.  My trips to Delmon Pottery to see Masjid and his family and buy pottery for presents and hang out in the back watching the potters spin their craft and all the new litters of kitties scrambling about.  This was sweet and made me feel rooted.  Reminded me a bit of local-style families back home on Maui.

I will miss the A`ali Walking Track.  I've written about this a lot during my tenure here.  Two years ago it wasn't too popular, but now... Now men, women, families, etc. all come down once the sun sets and get their exercise on.  There is a small playground now and a man sets up a little outside 'cold store' pop-up shop of sorts.  There is a fitness area with bars and groups of well-defined young men are always doing gymnastics on.  Young girls are even running on the (brick) track.  Yes!  I love to see this.  I see couples walking on the track whose arms are dangling so close to each other's that I think they must want to join hands and proudly display their affection for one another- almost :)

It is with a heavy heart that I will have to give up my weekend escapades to BaYoga studio in south Juffair.  Man this has been my savings grace.  My yoga practice has deepened here for sure.  The atmosphere was the most pure that I've ever experienced in a yoga studio.  The House of Yoga and Zen in Makawao, Maui comes a close second for sure.  I really felt the union of yoga here; the union of body, breath and mind.  I learned so much about myself at BaYoga. 

One lesson that is so valuable that a value cannot be attached to 'it'; go forward with pure intentions and backbends can be amazing!  Thank you Abelish (not sure about spelling of his name) for providing such a sanctuary to practice in.  I learned so much from him- mostly in terms of how to approach difficult tasks or poses.  As with anything, go into any new endeavor with as much grace as possible.

Oh no... it's light out already... Ugh not even 4:30 am... I have to sleep...