All in a Hollyday's realization, OR meditations on being frivolus with words

Bosphorus Basking

Saturday morning in bed with kitties and (french press) coffee. Spring fever is in full effect, yet today I have some nostalgia for cooler weather- temporary I assure you. As temporary as the overcast weather I see outside my window this morning. You know already though, I do love me some overcast mornings...

After a drunken evening, as a result from an afternoon spent drinking (malt) beer, after a mid-morning açik çay (tea) at the çay meyhane, after a cool 9 kilometer run- in a brand-spanking new pair of shoes, after a morning of teaching… I know, it’s complicated, as well as unexpected…

Yea, when EdVice suggested an afternoon beer chilling up on his lanai (deck) overlooking sweet Büyükdere’s ‘main drag’, I thought to myself, why yes. Yes indeed! I’ve never had Amsterdam beer before… Two tall 50s… I’m assuming it’s a malt beer. At some point EdVice’s words floated through my head with the faint sound of 12%…

So, as the story goes, I get back to my apartment, around the corner, about 5:30 pm and, according to the dirty dishes in the kitchen, made some pasta! Happy to discover this evidence of being smart enough to realize that I should eat food, rather than attack the 5 chocolate bars I brought back from Sicily (meant as presents for peeps and here’s to hoping that that stays the case).

The kitties seemed extra rambunctious too.  They seemed extra agitated that I wasn't, or couldn't, play with them. There are some hidden mysteries still, in terms of my chain of events. Here’s some more clues I have remembered.

The big news on Friday was, of course that Prince, his Purple Majesty, passed away on Thursday back at his Minnesota residence.  Many big names have been passing in 2016 and most have had an impact on my life, in terms of songs bringing me right back in time to moments. 

There’s something about Prince, his persona and his music, that really got me- even more so than Bowie- still a fresh wound for all us mortals who still dwell in this realm of existence, or dream-time, of alternate reality; whatever your persuasion or perversion, etc.

I see that I made a short vid paying homage to Prince while grooving to ‘Cream.’ It makes me think back to times on Maui living and growing. Dancing was such a HUGE part of my life. We worked hard to dance in the jungle, on the beach, under a full moon, etc. Preparations and carrying equipment down to The Cave backside Maui, out to Pauwela Lighthouse, into a dilapidated cannery in a cane-field, etc.

Dancing to mourn seems so natural for me I can even say. Anyway, it was just a sweet way to honor all that I loved about how this music FELT in my lifetime; The feelings of songs growing and evolving along with me throughout life. Yes, a nice feeling of aliveness. Hard to express while tapping on a keyboard, but I’m definitely in that groove as I type.

BTW, the rendition of “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” for a George Harrison tribute by Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, etc. that’s going around… dreamy. I spent the remainder of my waking hours experiencing Prince, and Chaka Khan, and Lenny Kravitz, etc. Man, good times. I guess it was my way of expressing A Dove’s Cry and realizing that we can be affected by so many things in our lifetimes.

A hui hou a hiki i ka la a`ae Prince…


So yesterday was a full day, and I’m pretty happy about that because this morning… well, it’s a bit slow. I recall having a fairly sleepless, or restless, sleep. Ah, another clue just came to me: the electricity was out, as it keeps going out now for the past hour or so.  We’ll see what happens with that as the day unfolds.

Rolling along, I’m not sure exactly why I woke up at 7:45 am… Perhaps the kitties were in cahoots together; such tricksters they can be when they rally together. I suppose I was meant to write this blog.  I know I had pretty much decided that I won’t be going on a run this morning. BUT, in hindsight, that could change. 

Yesterday’s run was pure groove.  I was wearing a new pair of running shoes, so was surprised I ran 9 kilometers- to Tarabya Iskele and back. After months of researching running shoes, I decided on a pair of Pearl Izumi EM Road M3s. I think you all know the story if you read this, past, blog entry concerning the level of research that I put into this endeavor.

After a quick adjustment halfway through my run (the forefoot was a little too tight, so I loosened it), my feet felt much better- especially the right foot, where there is this, small, bunion that has developed- and bugs me to no end… I hate the idea that I had never developed a ‘bunion’ in my life, due to living in slippers year-round, but as soon as I started moving to environments that include for winters, hence wearing boots/snow boots/rain boots for months, I develop this shit… Unbelievable for me- especially as a yogi.  I am a bit freaked at the idea that my big toe is trying to move closer to my other toes because of some ‘bunion’ I got because I don’t know the routine for choosing comfortable, warm winter shoes… Pfft. I mean, in yoga the big toe IS stability.

living the high life :)

 So, I am working to correct this- in a weird way possible, that is not backed by hard science, but Holly Science… I believe! There are these things called ‘Yoga Toes’ (refer to picture) that I purchased many years ago.  It took me a few years to actually start using them, but not for yoga.  I really got into doing my own pedicures years back. Truth be known, I’ve never actually HAD a professional pedicure, or manicure for that matter. But, I like doing detail-oriented things (must come from the archaeology career) and thought that my Yoga Toes are the perfect toe separators for when painting toes!  I have seen the typical ones that spas use, or you can buy in a store, but they look so flimsy.  I realized I already had THE supreme pair to use. 

As you can see, they really spread your toes well.  After I noticed that I had developed a ‘bunion’, I started to use them semi-regularly. Meaning that when I thought of it, I would put them on- which isn’t exactly steady but I’m working on being conscious of it.

I realize that most of today’s blog entry can be filed under ‘stuff no one really needs to know about or will find particularly interesting’, but that is the glory of having your own blog- it just doesn’t matter.  I just like to write and when things come to my mind, side-tracking me, I just have learned to go with it and see where it takes me. And that’s about it- that’s the secret to my blog; I generally have an idea of sorts in mind when I decide to write an entry, but from there where it takes me, I can’t pinpoint.  I just go with it. 

 Sometimes when I actually re-read entries I wonder what you all must be thinking. That wondrous moment is brief I will divulge…I especially take notice of the grammar though- and feel I want to edit. Sometimes I do.  Others I figure just keep because it was expressing my mood at the time- which obviously wasn’t feeling overly concerned about editing. It makes me smile. Smile that I can be so grammatically frivolous and not care about the consequences. Heh heh.

For example, today’s entry was supposed to be about my sojourn to Sicily for spring break.