"so much persisting"

Saturday morning in The 'Bul; up the coast here a shimmering, winter sun lingers around my windowsill. I've got a steaming cuppa joe at my side, and the kitties are afoot- basking in the golden glow in my room. Sometime in January came the swift death of my beloved french press, so I've been making do with my Melitta Ready Set Joe single cup coffee brewer thingy. The added drama, or flair, of the french press is surely missed, but coffee must go on! Or, in the newly coined phrase (memes too) by words arising from the new political climate we Americans are currently experiencing: "But, coffee persisted" Unfortunately, the stove top burners don't comply with my nifty caffeteria, so it must sit high up in the darkness of the back of a cupboard- never to experience the front row VIP utensils and such. Alas...

Here's the background:

But I digress; more about the current political shit-show later... Or not.  Let us persist in reveling on a more positive vibrational frequency.

Lots brewing in the Turkey transition cycle. I'm eagerly anticipating which country I'll be moving on to in September. Before that, though, I'll be doing a brief stint back in America hanging in the woods, on the beach- with all the usual suspects, etc.  The kitts will be hanging in southern Oregon, becoming acquainted with their new environment- living as indoor/outdoor kitties! They will also have other feline, and canine, roommates! I think they really miss their feline and canine friends back in Bahrain during the summer's at Starr Villa.

The weather, of course, if up for lengthy discussions. A long, cold winter finally showing the first signs of lifting. Nevertheless, Knit-wits persisted. Yes, fortunately, time was well-spent. Knitting kept me quite active; our 'Knit-Wit' Sunday sessions were/are welcome comic relief where we can come together, our little group of Americans, Canadians, Kiwis, Turks, etc. The Boyz, always gracious hosts for our shenanigans morph into 'TV-Js' (yes, I just made that up), tuning us into the latest and greatest TV series, comedy routines, news bits, etc.

I've been branching out in the culinary world as of late. I'm currently LOVING cooking with celery roots. Winter means soups and these buggahs serve as tremendous bases for tasty, soupy treats. Black beans have also become a staple. Imagine just throwing them into the pressure cooker for 22 minutes and PRESTO- they are finished; no soaking overnight! BAM; I love me some instant gratification when it comes to food. Avocados, I've noticed, are becoming increasingly easier to 'peel'. Yea, it's something to master- how to easily get the skins off of avos here.

This past week I've started to hear increasingly louder whispers from my spring collection, tucked away deep in my closet. Shiny, silky fabrics trying to make a run for it to the front row upon each opening. After a quick closet analysis, I decide to keep them in the background- awaiting patiently for 'that day' to arrive. Shunned for now, nevertheless, they persist in their whispers...

My running shoes are anxious to get dirty too. Last winter I ran throughout winter. Sure, it was cold; neverlesless, I persisted.  This winter? Well, it was damn cold, and icy quite a bit. It never felt totally fine, in my opinion, to risk running and slipping.

Okay, here's the real news folks: I'm hungover; I'm hungry; I've had too much coffee; I have to pee (some of this list might contain alternative facts, but I can't recall).  *very bigly problem*  

"This is fake news because the news is fake"      (look it up)

The End...or not. Neverless, meme news persisted...

In case you want a factual *meme analysis* of how I view this new Amerikan regime change, here it isn't:

*OMG' really?*



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