stopwatch ticking...

SPOILER ALERT: I have NOT spellchecked...

Having a Mediterranean moment- all weekend. I see boats, I see yachts, I see catamarans, I see a sailing canoe- well probably not a sailing canoe... So many thoughts of the next adventure are piling up  in my consciousness. I am suddenly realizing that I will have a nice chunk of time to relax in Turkey before I have to get to work! This leaves room for... OPTIONS! Option 1 is to do some frugal regional travel. Of course Kabak Valley is high on the list, but I have time so I really want to see some stuff. Couchsurfing.com is going to come in very handy this summer I believe.

As well Tunisia is back on the radar as it's very necessary to head back there for a while and collect my stuff that I left when I left (fled). The excitement of the smell of summer in North Africa: the smell of jasmine wafting through the night air. The smell of street food cooking- Bombay Chawarma oh how I miss thee with all your beef lovingly encased in a Lebanese wrap. And Celtia beer you would even taste exquisite right now. Of course this is the start of week 3 of a cleanse I'm on so any adult beverage would taste exquisite right now, or solid food such as carbohydrates... haha.  The Medina... I can't wait to see the old neighborhood & all the characters there.

Next up for regional US travel is a trip to the Great Lakes region. I'm hoping to stay in a lighthouse that has been converted into a B&B up in the Keweenaw Peninsula on the Lake. I've always fancied lighthouses as they are such lonely beacons that have seen so much. I can remember in Santa Cruz, Capitola actually, a house that reminded me of a lighthouse and I used to be fascinated whenever I would encounter it. Anyway, this I am excited for.

Perhaps a quick trip into Canadialand as well? Who knows. Not such what will transpire once I put the pedal to the metal... I mean, it's going to be a long time before I drive again after this trip and the rest of my stay back in Hawaii. Let's see, what do I need from Canada that I can't get in the US? Will have to think about that one, and hopefully that will remind me to get my passport out & take it along with me.

Big Island is also calling. Oahu beckons... So much to see, so little money... And when to ever get back to New Orleans again? That was a fantastic journey as well. New York City? I already feel a sort of 'honorary professor' status with NYC since it has played such a grand part in my continuing higher education path. I watch movies now and I know what parts of the city they were filmed in! I love that. I got city blood pumping through the veins. My DNA has indeed recombined to allow for this. This makes sense.

So I was Baldwin (beach) today sitting with a large group of feisty females just enjoying the day.  We were a force. It is one of the greatest things I have known as a constant in my lifetime- the beach. I don't know that I have ever been too far away from "the beach". Perhaps only while I lived in Oregon during my last few years of high school. It's funny what one knows about themselves. I can remove myself from the beach, but it is always inside of me. I can never be too far away from the beach for too long.  Anyway, just some golden moments today pondering the shoreline, the dogs doing their thing at the beach walking over everyone's towels- they all do. Haha this must be one of the great universal truths: Dogs track sand on beach towels... end statement! The people next to us that had a blow-up couch that they sat on all too comfortably.

Another great Maui day comes to an end as I sit here on the couch at 10 pm watching Monster clean up all her crap. She has a long way to go... lol, but she is smart- she poured herself a glass of red wine and took an allergy pill. Time for me to sit back & have some of da kine & drift into contentedness while not using a keyboard.