party season... December, 2009 at Tane's lovely Paia Plantation house. A sweet get-together of yogi/yoginis friends & family centered around Indian food- delisch! Namaste!!! We all have a dedication to our mats & work hard to achieve goals on the mat, as well as learn how to harness that energy derived from the mat and carry it over into our everyday lives.

Nadia & myself on Christmas morning at Mama's Beach in H`poko. We just came from Jaws where men were riding mountains... mountains of water. Beautiful morning indeed.

Now we are up in Polipoli Springs (conifer) Forest Reserve at 6200 ft. elevation of Haleakala, located in the fog belt of the Kua Forest Reserve. Breathtaking 4WD adventure that took us from the seacliffs of Peahi to the upper slopes of the mountain in less than 2 hours! We saw a friend along the way who was biking up the mountain & suddenly we both felt sheepish for driving- hah. At any rate watching his muscles flex as he rode made us swoon as he seemed so adonis-like in those moments (as well that he actually is- ahem). Anyhoo, back to the hollydaze adventures:  
                                                                         Here is Nadia & myself at Baby Beach for New Year's Eve w/the Blue Moon rising in the background (looks tiny, feels big & has a warm pull). We are getting our groove on as the others arrive to share in the celebration local-style

 Roseangela & me striking poses while recanting our good fortunes on life and all we have worked for & the continued achievement of our personal goals we set for ourselves & family. We are a diverse bunch aren't we??? Par-tay is in full mode at this point. What is great is that we are all over the world and yoga brings us together. Yoga transcends ethnicities, political agendas, work ethics, cultural ideologies- whatever! Oh, and the love for copious amounts of alcohol... occasionally...

our little soiree became bigger & brighter such as the full moon rising. Troubadours showed up w guitars...

...and tambourines- Yay Sunni!

Sunny's bod in background & mine in foreground seemingly dis-attached from our heads... This is a good thing as I always like my body to be of independent action than my brain. As well, our heads are most likely reeling in a pool of alcoholic haze? Well no, Sunni wasn't drinking. Myself, my head was swimming efficiently through a pool of semi-alcoholic haze...

Ok I think it's just about the time when some started stripping down to their barest assets (heh heh) & jumping into the ocean... Let's see if I can find any pics... Probably not at this juncture in the story as I should keep this G-rated...

Well I'll end w/the first moments of Twenty-ten in Hawaii.

2000-2009: A decade of the past

Twenty-ten, it's a number. I like it. I like the way it flows from my lips. I like the way I feel when I pronounce the sounds. That's all I have to say about that. I'm not one to look for a solution through numbers, yet the want/desire to start afresh from so many is infectious energy indeed.

No New Year's resolutions as well. Just the same as it ever was: health, happiness & spiritual growth. Well, I would like to work less... play harder...relax sweeter... Oh yea, airline tix need to come WAY DOWN in price.