Tunisia photo odyssey- or, what I've been doing the past 2 months instead of blogging...

A friendly kitty kat at the kasbah in Hammamet pulled up a seat next to us for some afternoon lounge lizard time. Very sweet

when in Rome... or when in Hammamet...

at the Roman Coliseum in El Jem

Solo Ojo & getting his pose on in El Jem

camel blocking the Roman Coliseum at El Jem
scenic view in El Jem heading back to the train station
graveyard of columns in the hinterlands of El Jem

vantage point... somewhere... not quite sure at this moment...

dinner at David's flat complete w/Tunisian red wine & appropriate centerpiece
at Carthage up on Byrsa Hill
off the beaten path at El Jem

Sidi Bou Said w/Solo Ojo & Kirsten

our ultimate frisbee Sunday sessions group @ Sidi Bou Said
teachers & students & spouses all get together for rousing game of ultimate...
some of my level 8 class- look, they are all smiling AND we just finished finals... happy students!
me blocking the incredible Roman ruins @ Dougga, which are blocking the incredible sunset
the Capitole, Dougga (ancient Thugga)
ancient sunburst

teacher touring: smoke break enroute to Dougga

more incredible Dougga

that's right, an ancient shitter: you've seen it here at Mauihollyday's very informative blog...