Heading towards Sunset in La Goulette

 Solo_ojo & I day-tripping in La Goulette. La Goulette was the North African/Mediterranean playground for the once fresh set of European immigrants to the Mediterranean shores. Now other places such as La Marsa & Gammarth have taken over the reins, but this sleepy little community is tops on my list. When I walk around La Goulette I feel a part of its past. It's quaint, charming and has a romantic lure. This is my spring/summer playground HQ for sure this coming year.

Solo_ojo & Kirsten, the 3rd Muskateer, enjoying a cold Celtia at one of the many shoreline-lined cafes

Celtia (Tunisia's finest) close-up

Yes, the main entrance to La Goulette beach. The place just OOZES with charm that reveals a legacy of a once past grandeur if you just sit down and relax and take in its ambiance. 

La Goulette feels like a blast from the past. I encourage all readers to rent "A Summer in La Goulette." The movie, directed by famous Tunisian Ferid Boughedir, is set inthe summer of 1967. You will then better understand my love affair with this community
art form
late afternoon sunlight beginning to work its magic on an already incredible seascape

feline feeding frenzy must have led to the necessity of a 'disco nap' atop the garbage bins!

sun is sinking
I have no recollection of tqking this shot (phantom shot apparently)

splash of sunset hues

road home

Merci La Goulette- until we meet again