Egypt Odyssey 2012

Sharm Al Sheikh digs

HQ every morning & evening before trotting off something fabulous while in Sharm

Sharm kitty kat

simply Sharm

Azadeh in da hood

view from the rooftop

fantastic backdrop at our back door of Sinai interior

Ras Mohammad

beach combing @ Ras Mohammad

beauties at the beach @ Ras Mohammad
crystal blue & turquoise bay @ Mohammad. Amazing undersea life!

Ras Mohammad is amazing off the water as well

read da sign

Back at Sinai Old Spice & our neighbors

for all of you that know me very well, you know that I am absolutely loving this life...

every view from the balcony just oozes mystery & intrigue of what's behind the mountains. I am soon to find out...

local flavor- always a necessity to gain local insights

peeping Holly

of course, I was on a literary odyssey as well as evidenced of Bukowski w/a cross-blend of Sakara...
getting leggy bout sunset

not bad indeed... more please

bus station shenanigans...
camping out Bedouin style

now, I REALLY am enjoying THIS


sundrop kitty
Bedouin ladies with their wares. Much better than online catalog shopping...We went back to their camp w/them

Red Sea show

just finished a sale or two for some lucky girlfriends back on Maui

this cat followed us for a few kilometers to another Bedouin camp. Amazing. She was happy to have me hold her for most of the trip back to our camp. Azadeh is leading the way for us! 

nearing sunset and beer-thirty

HQ in Nuweiba

Ahhhh Cairo digs

kitty litter... haha

sweet Zamalek
at a church in Coptic Cairo. Left candle in the back- that one is for you dad...

very interesting church w/some bizarre relics

colorful Coptic Cairo

street show

sky high

enroute to the Citadel

fantastic skyline



R2D2 where are you?

tits up

reaching for the heavens
modern encroaching on ancient

deal with it


mirror mirror on the ceiling...

fruit was amazing & amazingly cheap

old skool

dynamic duo meet back up in Cairo