Girl Thunder, Boy Wonder- aka Shaika Spot and Sami Bey

Transformation time.  My intentions with this transcend my life as well as the current weather that has hit the Kingdom.  Yes folks, it's warm over here.  I mean, really warm.  With 2 weeks left of 'winter' still, I don't hold high hopes for a mild spring...

I've known this has been coming as the signs were all too obvious: I have not run in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon for 2 weeks now (never mind I've had out of town company and haven't felt like running during those hours).  Two nights in a row now I haven't had as much as a sarong for cover while sleeping.  This morning I had to *gasp* turn the fan on in the bedroom while drinking my coffee and perusing the morning news. Yesterday, while driving through downtown MADNESS, I had to turn on the air con- on low only though. I wouldn't allow myself to increase the setting- that is reserved for April, May, June... Each month I will allow myself to increase 1 setting only... I hate air con.

Lastly, I've been observing the Lounge Lizards for the past 2 days- Shaika Spot and Sami Bey, formerly known as Girl Thunder and Boy Wonder up until 2 days ago when the weather started heating up.  Now they look like medicinal leeches sucking up the blood from the couch...Very cute, irresistible leeches mind you. Soon enough I'll, apparently, have to leave the house with the air con on for the critters.

Other modified behaviors of theirs consist of sleeping on the tile floors, as well as sleeping in the bathroom sink.  Shaika Spot is already obsessed with water and jumps onto the tub to watch.  Sami Bey, following suit, became interested too.  He, not being as agile as his step-sister, can be clumsy and fall into the shower occasionally- while it's on!  He's becoming a bit of a water-boy though, thus making his older step-sister Shaika Spot quite proud.

Okay shutting down shop now so... bye