Oregon communique

I'm here in Ashland, Oregon now. I arrived last week. Memories flood continuously. For those of you that don't know, I finished high school in Ashland. It's been about 5 years since I've been here. One of my brothers lives here still with his wife- who I went to high school with. They have come cool, tortoise kitties and one dog, who is much adored. They live along the rolling hills that litter the scenery from North Phoenix to South Medford.

My headquarters is located in their backyard, at the sweet cafe table with an open view to their bountiful garden. I've never seen such large tomato plants/vines. Loads of squash spill lazily over their perimeter. The Zucchini leaves shade their rather large treasures undneath. A good thing this season because the weather is uncharacteristically and unreasonably hot.

So yea, this is a nice perch to nest at and ponder the beauty of southern Oregon. Let me say that I really, really enjoy pondering the beauty of southern Oregon.

Along with the heatwave here is smoke. There are forest fires to the north and the Rogue Valley holds clean air hostage to smoke. I mean to say that it is hot here- like as hot as the Middle East was when I left last month for the first few days here. As well the smoke turns the sky to the color of cement- which is kind of what the sky looked like in Bahrain when I left... Yea, I was not a fan of the intense heat in Bahrain.

* NOTE: Bahrain had its charms. Wintertime was wonderful. For 5 months of the year one didn't have to turn the A/C on. I found 1 beach I frequented. This was my sweet spot. I know there is a lot I'll miss, but that's always the case when one moves from place to place. Already I dearly miss classes with Abelush at BaYoga. I miss incredible, cheap South Indian food. My remorse, though, loses itself in the rejoice of my next adventure-Istanbul!

But freedom I do feel- indeed. I'll just leave it at that  (hint:  Oregon. Da Kine is legal in Oregon). As I sit here and contemplate life in my Hawaiian pareo wrapped around me, covering the bare minimum, I embrace my freedom in the mid-afternoon sun. I would, of course, notice this 'oddity' because that scene doesn't happen in Bahrain for people- unless you are at a luxury hotel or private club, are wealthy and live in a luxurious compound, or aren't rich but live in a nice compound with enough privacy.

There is a reddish-brown dragonfly hovering over the sedge plants in their pond. Sounds of the waterfall intoxicate me and knocks me out of my 'senses.'  Project forward to the proper state of mind to experience THIS, and you know where I'm at...

So I met up with some old high school peeps too. It's funny you know, you can live all around e world and feel comfortable in every different environment, but there is something about going back home. There is something into staring into your ex-classmate's greenish-brown eyes and seeing that shining light that you have. We've been in such incredibly different trajectories in life, but one look at them and I melted. It was such a beautiful knowledge in knowing our history together from such a different TIME (not a different PLACE).  Maybe I simply feel that way because I realize southern Oregon is a place to hold onto.  It IS so important in my life- again. It's interesting because you disperse after high school and come back together just like that. I've forgotten faces, places and feelings, but that fire of knowledge re-ignites with your high school mates. What do you all think?

Now another. Reason I'm here is to catch a ride across the country in my brother's airplane. He'd been building it for at least 10 years, but completed the project last summer. We are to surprise our mother. Well, we have been surprised by all the socked-in smoke from the forest fires up north a bit. The Rogue Valley is engulfed in smoke. Not so much as a few days ago, but to the point that flying small aircraft is not legal (for take-off mainly). We're going to try to make a run for it  soon. If it's a no-go, we drive... It's a long ways to the UP...

Either way, it's a top- notch adventure in my book. That's what I wanted. That's what I needed. That's what I manifested. Yep. I am woman, hear me roar. Yea, it's like that.

I think that's enough for now. I'll up date later.