Fairy Far Out Tale. Part I

Just a little something I've been working on...

Fairy Far out Tale: Fairly AWESOME Tail...

Once upon a time there was a princess who had to travel to a far away land from her jungle castle that floated in the middle of a deep blue ocean haven. Her passion for the unknown brought her to this new land, and she was happy. One day the people of this land got mad at their ruler and rose up against him and his evil wife. He eventually fled the land, but not before causing much harm to his people, and to people the princess knew well. Things got so bad that the princess had to flee and return to her island princess home. She was sad, but she accepted this. 

The princess soon tired of her island paradise and started off agin on another journey that brought her to another strangely exotic & intoxicating land, not so very far away from the land of unrest. To a place she knew she would always return. Some time ago she ventured to this land that straddles Europe & Asia & knew she would one day find her way back to it. She temporarily found herself here on occasion, and even this land starred in her dreams from time to time. She was really happy in her new surroundings, and with her friends here. Something was missing though that she did not yet know herself. She is a clever girl mind you but sometimes one just overlooks the obvious. 

The princess, the daughter of her father, a wise sage king who would not be king except of his own household, and her mother, the rose of her fathers garden and center of his universe.  His universe weighed him down with the intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the universe for he was always trying to associate mathematical equations with said universal knowledge- something which has fairly religiously been set aside as a task for the gods & goddesses in the heavens above. 

In having access to this all, the princess grew up, amongst her kinfolk, as an inquisitive sort and alone with her thoughts. When a child, her days were filled with wonder with both the physical and metaphysical world. The daily grind seemed to just gloss over. Her sage father instilled her with the confidence to know she would be someone of virtue able to making her own path in life as she traipsed along in the way an intrepid traveler will wander into the unknown will unabated enthusiasm. Said sage father also instilled in her a fierce independence which effectively aided the princess from feeling that she needed to rely on someone else to achieve her happiness- for he was wise. He taught her to love herself first before any frog-prince entered the picture, vying for her affections. 

Many frog princes tried to have their say, as well as their way, with the princess, but she could not be bothered with mere mortals for  long periods of time, at the time. She experienced such sensual pleasures with each new experience, but some thing always kept a part of her private, and no false prince managed to truly escape through that door & into her wonderland that existed body & mind & soul.