Fertile Crescent Sagittarius Star

Start of an evolution of an evening

My Turkish harem birthday dinner par-tay!

supporting the local talent

the observed getting to observe

our motley crew wondering which way to the beer garden

"beer here", uhhh I mean... tea. Tea for me!

adorable kids
happy to have a day pass outta Petek...

the observed observing

Go Gaziantepspor

motley crew trotting off to nearest watering hole


a great improvement to the previous dive bar we wandered into...

can't go wrong with Efes...

a real jazz club!

snow even fell down from the ceiling. Oh, and lazers... 

partaking of the local customs to feel localized

pretty awesome shot

Lee with not a care in the world

our resident superstar. The kids would not leave the man alone at the game

funky-ass bar we found. Definitely on the radar for the rest of the journey

Steve our resident Secret Serviceman/bodyguard/rockstar having a go

newlyweds! Awwww