Full moon rising over G-tep

My state of mind re-formatted for the evening, the call to prayer (9:45pm) adds to the mystique- except for the part at the end where it sounds like a broken record scratching... Me thinks they need to fix the speakers at the camii (mosque) next to my apartment because its got some mean static that rather makes for an anti-climatic finish to something so otherwise ethereal sounding.

I have recently moved apartments so now I occupy a top floor corner apartment with a wrap-around lanai (deck). I also now face SE/SW and the 'apartment-enriched' skyline (that sounds cool doesn't it? Cooler than it really is anyway). The moon rising over the apartments honestly looks spectacular. Last month this time I was observing the full moon rise over the Manhattan skyline.

Summer is in full mode now and I'm teaching summer school. The university is flooded with teenage, hormone-flexing youth for 6 weeks... I observe that it is an awkward age in any country and thankful I survived mine relatively unscathed oh so long ago...

The Fertile Crescent has yet to heat up to extraordinary temperatures so I am filled with glee. I guess one could say that I am feeling comfortable in my little spot here in G-tep. Who would have ever thought? Not so much though that I won't be outta here in a New York Minute as soon as my last class is over... That's right, I've another upcoming odyssey.

Of course you all know by now that I can't survive very long away from the (a) (any) beach... I have found my perfect spot here in Turkey- thanks to my Ist friends many years ago. So it is here I will return. However, I have convinced myself that I need to do another round of reconnaissance investigations along the Mediterranean/Aegean so I suppose I will meander over to Kabak in due time making stop-overs at various ports of call; Kas, Kalkan, Gelemiş, Myra, etc. As well, the Black Sea & Sea of Marmara are must-see's.

So, the Turkey bucket list is fast-growing for the ensuing 5 weeks of freedom from the university.

Okay, I've lost interest in penning my thoughts. I desire to read my latest love (book) interest, "Skeletons on the Zahara." (Sahara)  It's an account from 1815 of the US brig 'Commerce' shipwrecking in Western Sahara (territory below Morocco that wishes to stay out of Morocco's clutches these days). It's your basic male bonding survival story- one that tops my favorite reading list I figure, or quite high at any rate. Perhaps it is for this reason that I have such high expectations of men to be able to be 'do-it-all' types... Who really knows? Not I. I always enjoy investigations though.

The End