fly on the wall in southeast Turkey

A typical day off in Gaziantep might just include:

For example, this morning I woke up late- 8 am. Last night I was out with the Gargoyles. Being that the week was full of charged emotion, I was rather exhausted. As I came back to my apartment, I got side-tracked hanging out with my neighbor & his friends.

So this morning is a lazy one. Lounging in bed with coffee and internet is to be saviored… Farrah stopped by & we chatted for an hour or so. Mostly we just laughed. I introduced her to the charms of a morning french press iced coffee- no sugar & just a touch of cream.  We discussed films, as she’s a communications nerd, and so I proceded to put on ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.’ She, at first, lamented, “Oh, United Films. I hate all films produced by them.” After about 15 minutes she was hooked and agreeing with my analysis of the cinematography, cast of characters, etc. 

I showed her pictures of Maui & my different archaeological gigs. She told me about her hex. We chatted about the cool,new cami (mosque) being built right next to my apartment complex. I relayed that I was taking pictures of it as a work of progress- because they are building a miniret currently- to be viewed later. We decided that it is not the most aestetically pleasing architectural sight, but there were elements of it that were easy on the eye indeed- such as the metallic silver dome.

Yes the metallic dome. This is most pleasing for me. Sometimes at sunset the birds come- you know the ones. The ones that fly in formation and follow each other all around the surrounding area. Since I’m up on the 4th floor it’s as if I’m up there in the sky with the bird gangs. What I believe to be seeing are bird-gangs all competing to put on the most awesome sunset show for me. They all fly around really fast following each other and are seriously attracted to said metallic dome of cami. It’s a sight to behold. Sometimes they come close to the apartment and you can hear the ferocious flapping of their wings- like some sort of aviary orchestra. So yea, that pleases me…

But I digress… Back to the original story. After Farah left to catch her bus, I went to my neighbors. Solo_ojo was over at Wardo’s place already so we all brainstormed about our impending day and shortly thereafter scattered into our different directions. My direction being back to my cave and continuing to enjoy the luxury that is pijamas, movie, dark windy day & leftovers!

Oh yea, another friend gave me some fresh plums she had picked from her cousin’s yard. I will break into and devour them today. They are looking lusciously enticing to me sitting on my counter all alone, or actually accompanied by 1 lemon.

Speaking of lemons, another friend, a wise old Pakistani man, told me a few weeks ago to drink lemon juice every morning before anything. I have been. I like it. People are so cool, you know. Something so simple… It’s a beautiful world really is what I mean to say here with all my cryptic words.
So… all this and the day is young still. It’s 1 pm only. One thing I realize is that I have to restart Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy again though. This movie is a single task movie for sure. No multitalking here. I think Mr. Ed knows exactly what I am talking about here…