Part II What I Miss When I'm Missing Things...

Another beautiful day here. Another day of procrastination. So I will continue on with my walk down memory lane...

my mother and I enjoying the view of San Diego!

my brother, the Spanish conquistador, in San Diego @ Point Lobs

family fun in San Diego

my nephew and his wife. We are waiting for some Air Force jets to fly by on a practice mission...

In Ashland at my brother Curt and Jennifer's place enjoying sunset cocktails

Curt's playground: he has an airport hangar in Medford to hold all of his toys...

his airplane he has been building for nearly a decade I believe

back in Hawaii- camping in Hana with my beloved truck!

nuff said

eating strawberries. My truck also serves as a camp table

NYC w/Dave & Mr. Ed

the NJ chicken coop

what's on deck at the NJ Chicken Coop

Ron's the man

Bayonne NJ walkabout...

watching the freighters come in. Bayonne, NJ

back in Haiku @ Streams property. We are on rooster patrol right now... That's right- Rooster Round-up

waiting for a rooster to be rounded up...

the sweat lodge heating up...

I'm thinking that I miss too much, but there is also so much more to be grateful for that I have newly discovered. That will be another post. Now, back to nostalgia...

starting the process of 'dressing' the sweat lodge (Inipi) for our full moon sweat at Stream's property

I miss working in the field with Nico...hahahahaha

I miss garden parties in Kuau. Hi Miss Emily!

yes, afternoon garden parties in Hawaii... da best!

I miss island houses!

I miss having garage sales!

I miss taking Miss Simone clean her house

I miss hiking in the forest during torrential downpours of rain!

I miss beach days on the South Shore. This was the day of the tsunami that never was. Well IT was, but it wasn't as destructive as it was supposed to be...

Jimmy and Mr. Ed surveying the surf on Tsunami Day

New Orleans! I miss Carnaval and this city

I miss my couchsurfing host from New Orleans

I miss the backyard laboratory at work

I miss Vanderland and seeing all the upgrades to it

another work truck that I miss... yes, lots of work trucks in my life

my office space at the laboratory in Wailuku I miss

I miss Mimi's home in Haiku

isn't it beautiful??

I miss partying in Lahaina...

I miss Katie-girl...

I miss having cocktail hour with Katie-girl

hahah now this one is precious... I miss watching Katie-girl go to great lengths to protect her furniture from her cat who has a bladder problem... heh heh

voom voom goes Miss Simone's car- which I miss.

I miss finding really weird, random things at the beach

morning coffee talk at Wailuku Coffee Company with da gargoyles

NYC grad students at our professor's rooftop party

And... it's probably time to stop here because I do have to get down to some nitty gritty work making up this midterm exam...

There will be a part III because... well this is just fun.