9 pm and all's well

It's 9 pm and all's well. I'm up at the Makawao HQ lying in my comfy bed after about 2 hours of perusing various websites dedicated to last night's VMA Awards. Yes, I confess, all the Miley talk had me curious so I had to check it out. Not that I give a shit either way, it was just interesting on an anthropological level to check out Homo sapiens' of all spices of life... Of course, from there it went to checking out all the fashionistas. Kudos to Rihanna's low-key fab look. Jessica Biel was also rocking a cool frock, which is highly unusual for her IMHO.

For some reason my fashion police sense is emerging.  Many of you may not know this but my first foray into higher education came at the hands of a local college that had a fantastic fashion merchandising/design program.  So... there's that. One of my besties is a long time fashion designer and I still love to check out the designs she's into these daze.

I have recently returned from DC (maybe I blogged about that, I can't recall) from a meet-up of the Georgetown University English Language Fellow conference.  Since then I've been in wait mode: wait for my visa; wait for my travel arrangements to be made; wait wait wait. Well, it all came together yesterday (Sunday is a work day over on the other side of the world in the Middle East for all of you that don't know).

I received word that my work visa is ready.  Today my flight plans are confirmed to Bahrain.  Next week I board a plane en route to Bahrain and to my next chapter in my volume of life history. All loose ends are basically tightened up.  I run a tight ship- mostly. Honestly I'm all planned out.  I'm ready to be on that plane and just check it out live and direct. 

I am, of course, keeping up-to-date with current news throughout the region. While it's relatively calm there, much of the outlying area is full of unrest.  Syria is on my mind. My time as a next door neighbor gave me insights into the dual nature of the situation(s). After years of the world watching Syria being torn apart at the seams, it seems something is coming to a head- perhaps very soon.  I hope peace can be obtained.

Now, back to Bahrain! I'm thrilled to go there as an ELF.  It's interesting to see my life progress. I mean, we all do it. We are all self-critical as well as self-appreciative over certain aspects of our lives and achievements.  I believe this evolution is monumental. I think you all might notice an ever-so-slight change in my penning perhaps. Of course, I'm just me. The island girl that tires of the island and yearns to be swept away to exotic locales.

In order to start the new chapter, I have to finish out this current chapter so here goes... In my last week here, I'm pondering the beauty of the Islands.  Now, I have 3 residences to do this currently: Makawao HQ, and the satellite HQs in Paia and Kula.  You can't beat that honestly.  When it's hot, you simply flee to Kula. When you want to hit up the beach, you head to Paia. When I simply want to veg out, I stay Makawao.

As I still have a week here, I'm not sure how this chapter will finish out. Perhaps it will be a cliffhanger...