Run Holly Run S25E2

Run Holly Run S25E2, aka; 'Here comes the rain again, raining down on me while in motion...' 

Yep folks that's right; twenty-five years of running on Maui! Without a doubt my legs have taken me on a fantastic voyage throughout these hills, valleys, beaches, dirt roads, concrete jungle, etc.

Running wasn't on the agenda this morning. Somewhere in my sleep state I heard the roosters calling- essentially waking me up. Slowly waking up, I turned over to my partner lying next to me; my Mac Book Air told me it was 8am. Feeling the previous day's run working its magic upon my hamstrings and shins I assessed the situation. The results came in; 'let's do this shit'. BAM. Shower. Out the door and on the road.

Feeling grounded from the start, I made my way up Olinda Road. 'Slow and steady wins the race' my mantra. For lack of time management planning I decided to just take the same route as yesterday.  Better to gauge my progress as compared to yesterday. Feeling my body exhaustion from yesterday and the concentration on improving/increasing my cadence, I knew I would be taking it easier today.  I did just that- with gracious acceptance. 

Knowing that, I found myself absorbed in these incredible sensations. Suddenly the sweet grasses lining both sides of the path were overwhelming me, knocking me into a counter-consciousness. This counter-consciousness is how I like to operate within. Rotting Guavas littered fence lines. I snapped into search mode; my mission now turning to finishing my run while carrying as many liliko`i (passion fruit) as I could manage.

Honamu road to Kealaloa Road to Makawao Avenue to Miner Place I'm working for my reward! My bounty was small in quantity yet large in quality. I'm feeling grateful, as always for what Mother Maui provides for me and my tribe.

Now lying on the deck with a good friend simply shooting the shit while drinking morning coffee, I think about the day ahead. Palm trees are swaying. The breeze interrupting the constant rooster crowing, news of the island rhythms transfers to me. I'm open to it. Give me the knowledge. Show me the way back to this life that for whatever reasons I leave. No matter, the trade winds always bring me back. I am grateful. Moloka`i Island is off in the distance, sheltered by a cloud cover extending off its eastern shore. Proud and stoic Moloka`i. The surf down Paia looks decent from up here.

Yea, all better. The film that has been covering me from my past 11 months in Turkey is slowly receding, giving way to that that magical Maui slime that I'm addicted to. Sun-kissed, I give in to this magical day...