Run Holly Run S25E4

Captain's Log: Stardate August 5, 2016

Feeling like I've totally transitioned into a mid-foot striker from a heel-striker!  Upon reflection what was most enjoyable about the process was the process itself; I had a desire to change something, and I did.  Baby steps it took, but results-driven. 

This morning's run can only be described as such: familiar, reflective, wonder-filled, scented. The roads yielded 3 huge liliko`i and coffee was awaiting me upon returning to my Maui HQ!

What is so strikingly different is how people come through this moving picture show afoot. Regardless if they are driving, or biking or walking or running, everybody catches each others eyes, nods, waves, or says some nicety ('good morning', 'aloha', etc).

There is a connection.  Not a obligatory or required connection, but a genuine interest is how I would describe it.  Perhaps because the island is, for the most part, rural. People just move at a slower pace in the tropics- certainly on the windward side of Maui :) 

As I'm running, I'm aware of everything around me. As I was passing by on Honamu St., I heard a rustling in the tall bushes across the street.  The country roads here are typically lined with (tall) cane grass. When running you can hear the winds coming through the grasses, carrying soothing sounds and scents to enchant me. Fueled by this all the while soaking up the scenery gives me the greatest pleasure. Pastures of gradations of green so vibrant that you see through the hues to see oxygen transfer. Bursts of sunlight struggle to break through forested areas.  When it does, it is surely as magnificent as King Midas's touch.

Pollen floats through the air marching to its own erratic beat unwilling to do so in an orderly fashion. So haphazardly flying towards your entity, its entity passed through your being leaving you ignited with heightened energy and awareness.  You can feel the passing. It reminds me of watching Star Trek when I was a kid and being so fascinated every time the crew stepped inside their clear, tubular space-deck portals. That vision of their bodies inside the clear tube and watching them disappear into nothingness and recombine elsewhere, I loved that. I have always tried to liken that 'feeling' at different times in my life. I'm happy enough to report that I've been successful a few times... more on that sometime- maybe...

There I am, Starship Enterprise, floating (on my Saucony Kinavara 4s), traveling through time as pollen molecules invade my accepting/anticipating body. Ears as finely tuned as Lieutenant Uhura's, I hear the earth's rhythm. Clouds march by as tiny envoys of relief in the battle of sweat vs too much sweat... I am as inquisitive as Mr. Spock; there is logic in nature, indeed. Beam me the f*ck up indeed!

But I digress... the rustling in the bushes... Thinking/envisioning/manifesting in my mind what this sound will be visualized as, I decide on the fly that it's someone trimming the bushes. I stand corrected; sticking its goofy, big, black head over the top of the grasses- I am now staring at a cow lazily grazing or trying to scratch an itch on its nose by brushing up against the grasses. Its eyes wide open 'bug-like' and ears perked, I let out a gleeful sound that only we could hear. It was a moment. That was it. 

This is the pace of my Maui, whether I'm at the beach, at Mana Foods, walking, in a store, as the gas station, etc. This is me essentially- making these small connections that are but a moment in time many times, in passing. Are they engaging? Sometimes. Many times that moment simply passes, never to be experienced again. Who really knows. All I know is that every step here on this aina, this sacred land, has meaning for me- no matter how lasting. Just being here is familiarity, comfort, knowledge, growth, intuition. I am of this land I truly believe.  I belong here. This aina has grown up along with me in a sense. We have experience for a time in life together on this Planet Earth timeline. We both move forward, yet share collective experiences, helping to create more on our divergent paths. 

So yea, da kine good shit, right???