Philosophical Ruminations on departing Istanbul Part I

5.5 Weeks to go. Departure.

It's a long, slow build-up. It's necessary, this manner. I don't get caught up in the stress of deviating from the Istanbul chapter. 

Dreamtime especially potent magic right now. I feel my unconscious processing so much information right now.  I am feeding it powerful Mana, so it works through the shitty stuff as I slumber. I'm not sure how I manifested this, but damn if this isn't what good karma FEELS like... Actually, I do know. I visualize the basic trajectory. After that, it's just a series of decision-making events when the off-ramps start appearing on the horizon. Sometimes they jump out at you though, and you are propelled into making a quick decision. Rely on the force young Jedi. 

Connections new and old- I feel strength in them. Familiarity. Family. So much knowledge shared. So much good vibes.

America-bound, temporarily. Wild West no more. Currently akin to a political shitshow. Transcend I will. Focus on the positive I must: West Coast summer sunshine, family, friends, work, wonder, wander; essentially wanderlust. Adventures on and off the trail.

The felines feel what's up. They sensed the feelings aroused when the suitcases appear... Unknown. Curiosity. Unease. Faint memories. Disruption of job. Attachment. Release. Surrender. Family. Ease. Comfort. Love.