hypnopompic ponderings on a crisp Sunday morning in the jungle

Greetings from 20°55′14″N 156°18′45″W 

So I woke up early (roosters, birds, owls) and greeted the day on my lanai listening to sounds. No human activity to distract me from these moments- only the biorhythms of my Mac and me are witness. How strange.

 Resorted to some instant coffee in the fridge from a camping trip years ago. I am reminded of Chile now. I recall how difficult it was to find a cup of coffee that wasn't Nestle... And the strange phenomenon of these stand-up coffee bars in Santiago where only business men went to get served by exotic females. And then there was Hilary- she enjoyed instant coffee, and seemed to be genuinely addicted to the packet coffee mate creamer stuff. She used to pilfer them from basecamp when we worked on Kahoolawe Island (archaeologists). After that project ended she continued her love affair with artificial creamer by resorting to purchasing large tubes of them at Costco. I could never manage to bring myself to go to Costco. Something about seeing too much of people I suppose. Or at least too many Costco people. I don't support it. I have so much on my mind lately and ideas unexpressed verbally or even written (except for the brief musings posted on Twitter (MauiHollyday). 

Work weighing heavy lately & wearing it like a tightly cloaked increasingly heavy veil wrapped around my body and yearning for a loose Polynesian pareo to take its place. Turtles; unidentifiable (extinct) turtle carcasses found in a trench buried deep beneath a cultural layer on the south shore consumes my world as of late. Explanations that no one wants to hear- or at least some choose to ignore. It's big. Tiring of CRM (cultural resource management) work, or more appropriately tiring of with context which goes with it. I initially (14 years ago) thought science was about sharing ideas and coming to educated theories by talking with other experts in the field. This is so but there is an element of secrecy that exists because of this 'taboo' or exposing too much. It is increasingly difficult for me to not express my views and receive validity or criticism- I would welcome both.

At the moment all this noise is melting off of my bones. The deafening cacophony of the morning sounds feeds my need for solace. Here is some visual stimulation for you guys so you can get into my head trip... Ok ok, I can't figure out how to change the pictures to get down here. Damn, sorta ruins the effect I was going for but... 

So it is time to come out of the fog and get rolling. It's been an extremely sweet morning and now the clouds cloak the sun to add more texture to my dimension. I feel honored to not only internalize this but be able to express it. Let me know what you think.