Ok, it's 3:30am

Well into the bewitching hour. The Field: Out on my Lanai where, at this moment, no traces of moon glow exist. Through the dense foliage I look through the  Bird of Paradise tree's open flower-ettes that are so majestically separated to part the skyline.  Barely visible through the dark quietness of the night but the moon has since journeyed from this spot & moved on leaving nothing.

So, I listen to the crickets, more time-challenged roosters and  intermittent winds sweeping down the gulch and when passing near my place seem to always linger and spit out a brief rainfall. Here it comes now in fact. I really know this place, these lands of Pauwela. That is just so cool the rain came when I was reflecting on it ever so poetically! 

I have spent over 3 years pondering from this Lanai. Late at night alone, or weekend mornings with Neighbor Nancy- the Norse Nissa. Mr. Kolohe K Kitty Kat spent some sweet times out here late at night. He saw so much more action of course cruising around evah so stealthily (HA he was 14 pounds & already over his desire to kill unless very easy to manage...). Still, he surely encountered more night wanderers than I did here. Only one seemed to take an interest really. 'He' stuck around a while. I believe he is still here. The sea salt put him in his place so to speak. The salt thing though needs updating. I updated the ceremony about a month ago. I felt it again. Not in a strange way but, just as I told it the first time around, I'm just too busy right now with a lot on my mind with work & school that I don't have the proper time to delve into these esoteric ponderings. Tonight actually would be a good night-

So got a bit off track there...

...And another round of warm winds carrying light mists. I can hear raindrops falling in different consistencies. Hawaii has over 100 terms for describing rains: `Awa refers to fine rains or mists, kawa it for heavy rains, unexpected rains are ililani, slanted rain is ua hikiki`i. Quite a beautiful language that accounts for so many varieties, that they took the time to ponder these rains and understand them; what precedes them, their innate qualities- and what a place that rained so much this was necessary!

So the pics: #1 on Baldwin Beach for Earth Day 2 years ago. I liked the shadows. #2 is at the old Paia Mill. #3 was taken ? by ? at The Source Interactive Arts & Music Festival right here in Keanae- about 20 miles up the coast. Keanae Peninsula- is there a word to...no I don't think there is. It's sweet. It was a 3 day party, with intermittant downpours! Dancing recklessly in a mudpit, and sweatlodges and great wholesome food, and friends not seen in a long time. Anyway, Michael is the VJ & dedicated Maui Burner. The go-to guy for all the updates... that I haven't been going to...because all I do is work, study & sleep...but...soon to be over...in 2 days...and then 3 faboosh weeks of no school...Yea, full moon party was last night...and I couldn't go...because I had to write a paper...which I'm still not finished with yet.

Right then, it's 4 am & the rain is abating, telling me something- I think it has something to do with sunrise-
A Hui Hou a hiki i ka la a`e