I've started a new pattern, or ritual, since I've returned to the Island & new shack: Once at home after work I take my organics from the day before that have been left generating gases all day long and bring it up to the compost pile to mix in w/the rest of the community's. Today the wolf dog that loves to sleep underneath my truck and is always agitated when I need to use my truck & trots off like it is such an imposition or disruption in his schedule was perched on top the grassy knoll nestled between 2 of the hens. He just looked up at me as if to acknowledge that yes, he is warming up to me. I moved on from the composting to the banana patch and picked a few to cover my potassium needs for the next 24 hours, then skipped off to the edge of the gulch where the avocado tree is... 4 freshly dropped on the ground for me. Oh the guacamole I made tonight... As I made my way back to the shack I looked at the lilikoi vine swollen with ripening fruits too young to pick yet. Now the limes are going off though but sadly no margaritas were on the agenda for the evening.

The nights are so quiet here- time passing so unobtrusively. Many times it's 2 am before I realize that I need to be up in 4 hours. I've grown so accustomed to this pattern that I don't seem to mind too terribly when my iPhone starts barking @ 6am to get up & outta the house in 20 minutes. I've actually come to appreciate the pressure of the situation & prevail. It is a mindgame I suppose- kinda like chess. It makes sleeping in on the weekends til 10 so rewarding.

Speaking of chess, partners are springing up in the most fanciful of places. I'm looking forward to strategizing & seeking out new patterns. I think one can learn a lot about a person through a chess match. I almost feel it should be a prerequisite for dating someone... I don't know- I'm still developing this theory.

Another pattern I've grown quite attached to is to do a tarot reading w/my Aleister Crowley Thoth deck when I need to delve deeper into a situation that somehow concerns myself as a way to bring in some new acknowledgment that has been overlooked or not even focused on, or covertly rejected while seemingly ignorant. The card of the evening: Knight of Cups- fire in water & trying to balance out. I'm going with sentimental obtrusiveness here... That is all there is to say about this matter. I'll keep my thoughts superficial here- as w/the underlying meaning of the card in context.

That's enough introspection for the evening. I'm going to break my pattern of sleep deprivation & check out now.