deep & remote

The spirit of research. It's amazing how polished I feel in becoming more & more solid about my masters & visualizing the end of this amazing
journey. Once again I journey far away from myself & find myself in the process. Perhaps though its more like finding out more about myself- isn't that what's supposed to happen. I feel so in sync these days with my mind's fruition making sense of hands touching books & absorbing knowledge.  It's like ancient henna scrolls tattooed onto my body as the knowledge seeps in- seeks in- covering up my nakedness, my my reservedness, my shyness.  I am freed of my inhibitions. There is nothing to hide behind- not even  knowledge of powerful words. Instead I want to face it all head-on. I'm ready to get deep and ready to get remote.

This past weekend... changed me. It instilled something deep inside me. My cauldron of creative juices indulged- enough to increase my thirst leading on a path towards overindulgence. I like the thrill of this perceived edge right now.
I just flashed on what book I will treat myself to upon graduation. What book for my own reading pleasure will consume me? What book will be my reintroduction back into the world of pleasure reading? Any suggestions from all you phantom readers out there? I dare you all to peak my curiosity...