feliform: having the body/shape of a cat

Embraced in the darkness of the bewitching hour by some unseen force, or compulsion really,  that continues to take me deep into thought about so many things so often. I've never grown out of this. There is something about this time, these times throughout my life that compel me to write down my thoughts- once through a series of journals filled with volumnes of barely legible, even to myself, chicken scratch handwriting (for some reason all these years of writing never improved upon my penmanship), and now through the a cyber-medium complete w/perfectly symmetrical Helvetica font.
At the Alaka'i St house these were some of my most favorite times spent w/my feline friend
Koloke K Kitty Kat, aka Jackie Love. I even still like to type his name. It reminds me of that time together- owner & pet, Homo sapiens of the Hominidae family & Felis cattus domestica of the Felidae family, mistress & faithful servant. He was a good boy kitty. I always loved to watch his reactions to the comings, and goings, (lol) of the men in my life. He played harder to get than I ever did! Snubbed a few.

So it's a night to think fondly of him. I guess it was just the drama of the weather lately in part: 2 tsunami warnings in 2 weeks due to earthquakes in nearby Pacific Island nations of Samoa & Vanuatu, 2 flash flood warnings, a Tiger Shark sighting, and most recently 5 days of no tradewinds & high humidity that dramatically conceded this evening to the opening of the heavens this evening & tears of fury-laden droplets unleashed themselves upon the windshield while driving back home from Paia town tonight after an evening spent with some good friends. This, of course, meant trying to momentarily navigate the windy road after 5 days of dust settled onto my windshield & suddenly simulate a mini mudslide occurring right before my very eyes on my windshield... This always makes driving exciting. You know, either more people drive out in the country with their highbeams on & ever so rudely don't dim them at oncoming traffic- also trying to navigate the dark, winding road, or I just need glasses. It sure seems like high beams everywhere. Cannot be. Must just be the hypnopompic effect of the rain & (low) beams (lol) hitting the reflectors that give off some sort of a vertigo dreamscape effect. Or I need glasses (did I say that already?) So perhaps I should stop flashing my high beams back at them during these encounters- lol!

1:30 am. I really need to sleep in. If I could wake up at noon or 11- now that would be nice. Let's see, what's on my schedule for tomorrow? Studying. Nothing else. I think I might of penciled in a sunset run (Yay!) & going to Paia Yoga's opening celebration (Yay!) but otherwise studying.  Doing a lot of fancy daydreaming about no more studying post Dec. 14th. A free woman! I get to rejoin my book club! I get to have time to read my Wired Magazine subscription. I get to have a social life again. I get to cut loose. Yea, I get to cut loose.

More than feeling feliform tonight I feel feline. I like it.