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Da Gargoyles had their first band practice tonight! Yes right in Katie-girl's kitchen! Katie on guitar & myself on tenor uke. We're getting our first song down: Blue Moon of Kentucky- lovely little ditty. My fingers are raw. The uke a bit difficult for tuning w/AECG as don't quite have the ear but the electronic tuner helps. It was a hoot & my fingers are raw. Feels like my index fingertip has no fingerprint anymore... Freedom from school- I like it so far. I even passed up an evening w/a man tonight (the man I spoke of  in my last post- strangely enough). What was I thinking? Well, in due time & I'm not one to break previous commitments w/da gf's... We'll see if he makes an appearance at the Kit Kat Cabaret theatre tomorrow evening. Yes the intrepid explorer in myself is basking in the glory that is referred to as free time: "sun is shining, weather is sweet", sing it Bob.