2112 Yep... still here

...and the last time I checked, today, so was my student loan debt. Alas, Plan B, which was Plan A all along: work like a dog and pay it off...

Ordinary evening on this much deserved Aloha Friday here in the Fertile Crescent.  Requisite de-stress routine pau hana quitting time back at the apartment, dinner w/da boyz at our new fav spot here in 'better-than-decent' restaurant row that has in the past few months spawned a slew of fairly cool, low-key eateries.

People watching was quite to my enjoyment this evening as well. Some folks that were very easy on the eyes if you catch my drift.  What is happening in this Universitesi mahallesi (neighborhood) of Gaziantep in the past few months? It's a noticeable improvement in atmosphere. There is literally a tri-fecta of new restaurants within 150 meters from my apartment building. And a real coffee joint, apparently as I haven't indulged yet since my coffee is the best in town-especially on the weekends...

I'm glad we're all still here actually. I mean, I've built up quite the wardrobe in the past decade, and with the addition to winter wear, well it's complete. Except for boots. More boots. I need more boots. I'm mad about boots. Thank the Mayans for that. To celebrate the lack of apocalyptic behavior, I will celebrate life by purchasing an exquisite pair of... yep you guessed it- BOOTS in Portugal.  I just love a  European downtown shopping district with a mission!

Only 2 more hours left in this day. Like every other day at this time. Whatever. I still hear the neighbor chicks being loud and obnoxious w/their squeaky voices. I still take my trash out- that is when Warden Woodie slacks on his duties. I will still go through my bouts of listening to crap 90s music when I get in 'those' moods. I will continue to hope that suddenly hip Gaziantep births a tri-fecta of super-healers: acupuncturist/masseuse/chiropractor.

If I'm not making sense to you, you don't know me really well likely. That's alright. Plenty of time now. Ima just hang here in the Fertile Crescent and chill the f*ck out. The next cataclysmic event is prolly not 'scheduled' to happen for a while. Please refresh my memory if this is incorrect. Am I missing something? There is nothing on my iCal to suggest otherwise anyway...

Okay it is officially Aloha Friday NIGHT. Let the shenanigans begin and continue throughout the weekend.

PS- I'm sorry to report that I'm still not proofing these posts.  I do miss my editor-at-large dearly. He kept me in check... RIP lil Kolohe K Kitty Kat, aka Jackie Love.