testing 1, 2, 3. testing

With the recent first snowfall of the season, I’ve started to preoccupy myself with thoughts of snow. Logical. Now, I don’t have much experience in snow or living in places where it snows so I’m a bit of a neophyte. What I do enjoy about it is how the ordinary landscape scenery morphs into some kind of wonderland. I mean, even Gaziantep appears ‘mystical’ when viewed with snow-cover…

Gaziantep also appears ‘mystical’ to me when I think of its ancient history, but that is another matter entirely.  Gaziantep mostly just appears… ordinary to me. Ordinary in the sense that, let’s be honest, it’s not a really pretty area. It’s not the mountains and it’s not the beach. The landscape is just ordinary. What is extraordinary to me, when I’m in my office at work looking out the window to the south from the 5th floor is the view- unimpeded rolling hills straight to Syria, which is involved in a shitstorm of human rights violations right now.

But I digress. This is supposed to be a happy blog post where I keep to the weather report, as well as my esoteria thoughts which some of you get and perhaps many of you can’t even begin to piece my abstract thoughts together into a logical puzzle.  Anyhow… uhm yea. The weather. So, all this snow has put me in the mood for 2 things: a semi-deserted beach (populated with my own storyville characters that I have exquisitely brewed up in my alternate reality world complete with names and even pet names) OR going snowboarding. I feel I should make use of all this snow that is surely to continue to fall, right? 

Even though I am a snow-neophyte, I have been able to spend quality time in some of the best snow resorts in the world.  Most precious on this list includes snowboarding in the Andes of both Argentina and Chile.  Vancouver also ranks on the list (a bit slushy, but what views from mountain to ocean. As does the Snowy Mountains in Australia (well, you can’t see the ocean from that vantage point, but it was still lovely). As does Alaska. What a great ego-booster mountain to snowboard Alyeska is!  As is various parts of Amerika. I will even include that silly little Hunter Mountain just outside of New York City a few hours.

I’d like to add Turkey to this list. This year seems like the likely year. It’s unfortunate that I have 2 sets of board gear in 2 separate states in a country far, far away… Anyway, if any of you phantom readers (that refuse to identify yourselves properly by officially following my blog…) are from Turkey and have knowledge of snow parks here, let me know your opinions.

 Erzerum is high on my list. I suppose just for the novelty.  The place (city?) seems enshourded in mystery.  It is like an ice-city perhaps in the wintertime as it seems the coldest temperatures come from there.  I know there is a quaint little ski resort there. Yes, this sounds sweet. Sweet meaning that you don’t have to wait 20 minutes in the chairlift line to get back up the mountain like you have to do in many places.

Kayseri holds some intrigue as well.  Perhaps mainly because it is so close to Göreme- which I love, and have spotted some seriously handsome men residing in… So there is that. I assume that there are a few ski areas there and nearby. 

What is odd, though, is that nobody talks about these places. They exist. Do locals go there? Do ex-pats go there? Who skis/snowboards in this country? I don’t recall anyone at work talking about going skiing. I don’t recall any of my Istanbul friends talking about going boarding. So, here lies the mystery of who is populating these mountains of fun. Speaking of fun, I do hope there are powder days at these places. Nothing better than wiping out in feather-light fluff!

So, I will conduct some investigations and create an action-research plan accordingly complete with a reconnaissance survey. Implementing a data recovery plan would be the icing on the cake… Perhaps in Cappadocia? 

Something that goes well with snow is apres snowboard session cocktails at the lodge.  Sitting amongst other ‘pleasantly exhausted from tearing up the slopes friends’ is just plain awesome. Everybody is exhausted, exhilirated, telling tall tales of epic adventures of snow-surfing down near-vertical faces of untracked mountains. In reality this means I successfully didn’t fall while warily traversing a ‘Blue Diamond’ labeled run…

People watching is always a thrill while partaking in adult libations at said lodge. Seriously, who can frown after a day on the mountain. Everybody looks shiny and beautiful and glowing from an inner knowledge that hanging out in nature and exercising ROCKS. Anyway, I’ll stop here before this becomes x-rated…

But of course, there is also the tales of the ‘infamous hottub party’ apres ski as well. You know, you see the picture all the time in rated R B-grade Hollywood movies that center around colleges and frathouses, etc. Well, it happens in the real world as well. With very similar results too- usually, or not… Again, I’m trying to keep this rated R so I stop here.

In conclusion,  the ‘big day’ is coming in a little over 48 hours.  Yes, I’m talking THE Mayan prophecy.  What does this mean, I ask myself. I’d like to think that the only thing erased from the face of this Planet Earth is my graduate student loan debt. Yea. I said it. I’m actually fantacizing about it.  Well, actually racists can disappear too. And gun-totting cray-crays. And shitty politicians. And shitty dictators. And all the fast food joints. And dis-ease. Blah blah blah. You get the picture.

Well, it’s not snowing at the moment.  All the rain has made for a slushy mush. Cold, wet slushy mush. You know what goes really well with cold, wet slushy mush? Peppermint Schnapps Hot Chocolate, that’s what.  Do I have any? No. You know what went well with snowfall last night? Tequila. That’s right folks, tequila. Just 1 shot mind you. Girlfriends, cats, tequila and snowfall. That was my quad-fecta last night. I just thought I’d mention that…