a little dis. a little dat...

Frustrated that my new hot pink shoe laces aren't long enough to put on my running shoes... Saturday morning- and fickle weather to boot.  The past few days have been wind-fueled. Desert sands blowing up from Syria and beyond marred the atmosphere leaving a strange taste on the landscape. Last night culminated by a downpour and an accompanying thunder and lightning show- probably the last one for a while as dry season is almost upon us.

I've never been one to be hit by this 'spring fever' bug, but then again, there really is no 'spring fever' in Hawaii- not like when you live in an area with 4 seasons. So I had a wild hair mid-week and spent one evening packing up all my winter clothes. Not the fall clothes, but those are also already in a pile as well ready to be packed away in about a week as I estimate it.

No, these are my winter things I packed away. These things didn't even need to be worn this winter as it was so mellow. It hardly rained here, and only snowed once. I figure it is safe to get rid of this shit and make more room for... SPRING!

I love me some spring fashion.  Romance. Whimsy. Fresh. Crisp. Healthy. re-connection with nature. All these lexical choices, for me, describe spring.  So, I am good with this new emotion- spring fever- and going to roll with it. It was like some sort of ritual- getting out my suitcase of stored spring wardrobe. I 'oohed' and 'awwed' at all the exotic fabrics. I mean, WOW was that a fun evening.  Like running into an old boyfriend that is still an awesome friend (I'm not sure exactly what that means as I can explain it no further, but I also refuse to delete it because it is funny, and elusive, and nonsensical).

So, back to the hot pink shoelaces story.  About 2 weeks ago I was downtown (Çarşı) at the weekend to pick up some things I had made from my tailor (yes, I have my own tailor here, and no my things weren't ready...) and got my favorite Kenneth Cole red oil leather slip-on penny loafers (yes that is a true and correct phrase) resoled and noticed these totally cute hot pink shoe laces.

Now, I've been looking for the perfect pair of shoe laces for a while to use for the lace-up material for a t-shirt that I cut up a few months back.  I think I mentioned this in a previous, domestic housewife-type blog post a few months back. Anyway, I haven't been able to find any long enough to serve as a sort of lace-up bustier at the back. So I continue my quest for this, likely obsolete, 'thing' I need to obtain to complete my look as I have visualized it in my mind.  Nothing else will do. I must procure this necessity, or face the possibility of never wearing my totally cool cut-up XXL T-shirt that is now going to be a totally cute summer mini-dress.

So, I bought the hot pink laces as I was sitting in the little shoe repair kiosk with all the men hanging out and waiting for their shoes to be shined.  Solo_ojo and I were totally inebriated from the fumes coming from all the stuff the dudes were using to shine up leather, etc.  It was a totally toxic environment that no one seemed to care about- in terms of lack of ventilation to breathe properly even though it was an open-faced kiosk.  Nope. Not a twitch from anyone. The tele played on with the new Justin Timberlake video feat. Jay-Z- which is awesome I might add. Very fresh. Very jazzy.

Of course the shoe laces didn't fit my T-shirt and were way too short.  I already had Plan B for them though- which pleased me greatly.  I thought it would be great to jazz up my New Balance running shoes with the hot pink laces. I mean, how sweet is that, right? Playful. Think spring-in-my-step.

Well, low and behold, today after my run I was excited that I actually remembered about my hot pink shoe laces.  I took them out of their sacred space (utility drawer) and delved into the task with zest- only to find that they would also be too short for even lacing up... Alas... I'm not sure. I have no Plan C for my hot pink shoe laces.

Konya. This weekend is a 'non-essential travel weekend' which means that it is not essential to go anywhere this weekend. Next weekend, though, is an 'essential travel weekend' which means that I am Turkey Trotting to the western Aegean. Last weekend was an 'essential travel weekend' in more ways than one... This means that I traveled to Konya. Essentially we spent the weekend sleeping uncomfortably on buses, sleeping in a fairly sweet hotel room, buying silk scarves, eating great and decent food, and walking, and... yes. It was essential- in more ways than one... as you all already know, yet don't know the story behind the phrase. Sorry. *chortle*

I've covered all the major topics here, so now I will just babble about some things I suppose as I'm not quite ready to close the laptop down and get on with my day. Speaking of which, my day has been amazing so far- and it's only 11 a.m. Because I've been traveling a lot on the weekends lately, I haven't been running in the mornings regularly. I've been running at night only so today was the first day in a few weeks that I have run in the morning.  All the rain last night totally cleared/cleaned out the atmosphere and made for a pleasant time. It was still early so no people were around, and no little league kids at the sports field either. I had the entire place to myself.

As well, my new interval sprint training has taken me to the next level of my running game. It has really made my 'normal' running routing so much more powerful. It's these little nuggets of goodness that I feel that keep me going in a place such as this. The weekends are just so precious. The weekdays are just so routine.

I think I am finally tiring of this post.  I just got the idea to go into my closet-room and stare at my currently-on-display spring wardrobe that I can't wait to don. Last night really wore me out; Bomonti Unfiltered beer (that L-Fezz and Chris left in my fridge oh-so-long-ago), smoke, foul weather and my book du jour, "The Epic of Gilgamish in the Standard Version (Cunniform) tablet form. Now, I don't usually read plays/epics in prose form, so this task requires a special edge to it... Oh, I forgot to mention the colored lights and Nag Champa incense burning in the background.  I know, weird.

on my trending list for spring: organic cotton yoga pants, Starbuck's Coffee french press, hippie clothes, chiffon, pareos, yoga studios, business plans, new music mixes for both running and yoga, massage, Nag Champa incense, coconut macaroons, itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis, The Verve, Peter Tosh, da kine, Moss Agate.