you've got homework...

Sunny morning in the Fertile Crescent y'all, BUT I'm recovering from the flu.  As I lie in bed... well, I do do that occasionally... rewind: As I lay in bed pondering if I should get up and go for a run, my incessant couching tells me otherwise.

So, I have prepared some homework for you guys. Yes, there is a brand spanking new website that started up just yesterday.  Here's the link:


I can assure you, there is something to read for everyone here.  I've been up since the early morning call to prayer woke me up... and I've just finished up with it and had a lot of large laughs, which provoked more incessant coughing, throughout the process. The debut of "The Horrific 4" is especially pleasing (under FUN STUFF in the drop down menu).

In other news, Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C are firmly in place. Plan D is now up on deck. Really though, these should be rephrased to Plot A, Plot B, Plot C, and Plot D- because I LOVE plotting more than planning. Sounds more devious and I am deviant in my own bubble world...

Oh, here's another piece of irrelevant to all but me information I shall share: I'm finally tiring of my 'cooking Sundays Sessions.' As you all should know by now, I usually spend Sundays near the abode and cook for my lunches during the work week because I detest eating/paying for crap food at the cafeteria at school. Okay the soup is usually pretty good though. In my near hallucinogenic state this past week- induced by a flu-like bug- I toted some vegetable bouillon cubes to school to put in some hot water (let me just say that vegetable bouillon cubes are NON-EXISTENT) in Turkey... So, these coveted cubes I've amassed from Amerika, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, etc I decided to put to good use. I think I'll just continue on using them for lunch instead of toting my bag-o-food daily. Easy peasy. So unfortunately my blue Nuage Bleu mermaid food tote will be put to rest. It was a good food carrier. Somehow knowing that I was in possession of a nekkid mermaid at school made me happy and let me know that a little piece of Hawaii is always at me- even while occupying the halls of academia here in southeast Turkey...

Now, quit stalling- DO YOUR HOMEWORK