Sunday Salutations From Afar: Uç, Beş, Sekiz

Sunday salutations from afar: Uç, Beş, Sekiz...

Laying in bed- in a strange bed. It is not my own, but it belongs to not one other person. Yep, you guessed it, I'm on the road and woke up in a sweet little cave. 

Listening to brother Iz Kamawiwo'ole and feeling homesick for Hawaii. Almost brings a tear to my eye, how I love that place and hold it so close to my heart wherever I go.

Oh now, "White Sandy Beach in Hawaii" talk about a tear jerker right now.  The sound of the ocean soothes my restless soul.

Enough of the theatrics...I'm coming to the realization that my (current) destiny will be determined shortly... Where will I go? "Country Roads Take Me Home"- that's right, my next home... BRING IT !

I've made some new connections on this journey- or old-ish connections, but now deeper. A great group of people here I was exposed to. 

I've now moved on to my favorite Drum and Bass podcast, Hospital Records. Danny Bird rockin it up now. 

Wow what a change in direction from my state of mind: Iz Kamalawiwo'ole to Danny Bird. Let me sip some more coffee to bringg me up to speed... Speaking of coffee, this morning I'm drinking imposter coffee. Yes the instant variety. Although its always piss, I adore it because I know that whenever I'm drinking imposter coffee that I'm traveling with my trusty back-pack at my side. 

I had a lot of family memories this weekend.  I was watching a card game the other night and I tranced back in time. I immediately went to my brother Curt telling me "about a card game and did I want to play it?" I always said "yes" . And then we would proceed to play '52-Card pick up"... I will refrain from divulging what exactly "52-Card Pick Up" is, so readers you'll have to google it...

I was out cruising on an ATV all day yesterday with intermittent hikes across the landscape. I was brought back to going backpacking with my dad and brothers and I think Sister Sherry, one time. It was prolly my first backpacking trip, and I'm sure I carried a tiny backpack because I was only about 7 years old maybe. But I remember the large canvas tent.  I remember us being so exhausted after hiking up through these switchbacks at the top/end of the trail. We were all tired. It was near sunset. I remember. 

So, life is quite irie this weekend. It feels just awesome to be in such an other-worldly landscape. It's like a snake shedding its winter skin. That is what has taken place here folks. Not that this doesn't happen frequently, but it was kicked up a few notches this weekend. Should keep me refreshed for at least a week- until Turkey Trotting next weekend to... maybe Diyarbakir (note to self: tell Solo_ojo that were going to Diyarbakir next weekend). Weekend after... let's see I believe we (da gargoyles and BK) are heading to Adiyaman and THE Nemrut Dağ *sigh*. All you archaeologists take note... That means you, Putzi... 

Yea, I'm nearing the end of this run. On the subject of run/running, I've had some beauties the last few days. Everything is on high definition color. "And did you see the dragons in the refrigerator?" (That was an inside joke that likely only I will get perhaps) *chortle*

Rambling on... Damn this 'spring fever' syndrome is awesome! I mean in Hawaii you start to dream about the sun after a 5-day run of clouds/rain- which is rare...

That's all folks