Lost in transition...

NOTE: I just found this in my drafts. I forgot to publish this one

Ever the sleuths here in G-tep, Solo_ojo and I headed to G-tep University campus after work today in search of the new quiver of cruiser bikes on campus that you can pick up/discard at your own will.  I noticed them last Saturday while running and on Sunday decided to spock it out after my run.  Yep, it works, and works well.

So we were walking throughout the entire campus and not one bike was to be seen- until the end of the journey... What happened? Did all the bikes get stolen since their debut last weekend? I did manage to see another one while I was on my run right after that. Of course, Solo_ojo wasn't there to see that it really was true...

We were also to spock out this new eatery, or at least new to us.  Rumor Mill has it that they serve "Philadelphia Cheese Steak doner durum... Well, we were skeptical surely.  Anyway, I bowed out as I wanted to go for a run, and had recently eaten another sub-par durum... Apparently they were decent as I hear from the coconut wireless....

Right now: well, I'm on my couch, my belly full (uhmmmmm da kine, rum/cokes... I'm listening to AC/DC Back in Black on repeat. Yep, repeat. Fun shit.

I'm doing a bit of research tonight as well- as I'm in the perfect state-of-mind being pleasantly lit. It's been a week of small successes.  I have big news in a few areas, but not ready to divulge to you yet... Just know that my life has been forward-future-facing since February 1st.  Anyway, I visualize the future as a story in National Geographic Magazine-I did say I was pleasantly lit, right?

I'm happy to report that my running and yoga practices are flourishing.  Feels so good- this thing coined  'spring fever'. It's like falling in love all over again- every time. Speaking of falling in love all over again, I just rediscovered my spring/summer wardrobe! All the fall/winter crap stored away already or at the dry cleaners to prepare for storage- long term storage- inshallah.

Yea, it's nice to open up my armoire and see COLOR! Oh and strappy sandals

AC/DC is seriously pumping through my veins right now.