Fertile Crescent Full Moon Rising: May 2013

And a crack of thunder starts ‘the rest of the evening’. I knew something was up earlier this evening when I went out for a run and the wind had kicked up considerably.  Storm clouds were brewing on the horizon. Significant enough, without rain, that it kept me off the track.

Yep, the sky just parted and here we go… yippee!  The week has been hot. A preview of the typical Anatolian rolling hills summer. Rain was unexpected.  Just another ‘thing’ that I will think of from time to time when considering my time spent here and make me smile.
The rain backs off to let the sweet winds take the spotlight.  Like light kisses on my shoulders.  My hair is whisping in joyous freedom.

I’m on my lanai (balcony) looking out to the night sky.  I see a skyline of apartments to my NE and SE. Looks so beautiful.  I can tell I’m getting nostalgic. The day will soon arrive when I leave Gaziantep- perhaps for good.  Admittedly, I would like to briefly return in 10 years to see how much has been built up around Karatas & Gaziantep University neighborhoods as far out as Zirve. Antepia will be completely built up (luxury apartment concept living).

Everything shifts in a matter of weeks.  My little corner of the universe suddenly expands to points around the globe.  I’m set to be a drifter for 2+ months. I will be drifting from Hawaii to Oregon to Michigan to DC to NYC and finally back home to Maui to kiss it adieu one more time as I set off for greener pastures? Well, not exactly.  I will trot off into the sunset and end up on the other side of the world- yet again. Destination known: Bahrain- thought to be the ancient civilization of Dilmun, “The Place Where The Sun Rises”, where copper was traded throughout Mesopotamian civilizations. It is cited in The Epic of Gilgamish, which I have just recently read incidentially, on Sumerian cuneiform tablets.

As a side dish, I have 2 really interesting options for travel on Mainland Amerika this summer:

1.        Drive across the country from Oregon to the UP of Michigan in a semi-truck. 
2.       Fly across the country from Oregon to the UP of Michigan in a small, 2-seater plane.

I will see how #2 progress… Of course there is always the good, old-fashioned travel option to go via passenger airlines…

So here is how this Friday evening is progressing: Miss Corporal Punishment came over and we’re sitting out on the lanai figuring out the inner workings of the universe. She went out to procure some cigarettes from Miss Major Pain, as well as harass Beat-Boy-B about where our cocktails are…I expect her mission will be successful.

Speaking of successful missions, we are Turkey Trotting tomorrow, a group of us intrepid Homo sapiens… We are off adventuring to Adıyaman and Nemrut Dağ, where legend has it that King Antiochus is buried.

Semi-successful mission: we’re drinking white wine instead, and whining!

The storm lasted about 10 minutes and now the moon is enshrouded in a veil of vaporous air. I think tomorrow will be a most excellent day. We have our own shuttle to shuttle us around while we eat, drink and be merry.