The Last Days of Disco?

The last days of disco Turkey

As I type from my home office bed on a Sunday morning here in Gaziantep I realize that it is not just another Sunday morning.  It is my 2nd to last Sunday morning in Gaziantep. It's rather monumental- certainly for me.  Certainly for friends that are leaving/staying. As we all bid each other adieu and the population of Petek Apartments dwindles as each soldier bravely leaves their cell block barracks that they have taken shelter in for the past year or 2...

Yes, we are dropping in numbers. One combatant, Long Dark Rain Cloud, left already.

NOTE: As most all you should know by now, I have pet names for everybody. I even have pet names for my important computer files. They are sweet. They are smart. They are silly. Okay, I will press on.

Two more, Thurston & Lovey,  will escape from the trenches today. Many returners have already left for their homelands in order to take advantage of their vacations before summer school begins, etc.  Some are leaving for bigger arenas; some are leaving in hopes of finding another arena; some had no choice but to leave; some are leaving with dreams of wanderlust; some are simply leaving.

The point being that we have all experienced a sort of 'boot camp.'  There were ups and downs, but generally it was just a matter of flat-lining in a day-to-day existence.  We all grew collectively as separate units.  It was a long, strange trip for all of us- Turks, and all internationals alike.  We all had our growing pains.  We all learned how to give and take between the cultures.  We all learned our 'systems' of operation.  As with every system, there are diversions and quirky side alleys, open-spaces and backstreets, as opposed to the main avenues, mass suburbs and MOI so to speak.

 It is a beautiful thing- to reinvent ourselves. You know- to all of us leaving: When one door closes, another opens.  This... this is the driving force. This keeps me wanting more. This drug so powerful that I am a happy addict for life. I am thankful to have experienced life here in SE Turkey. 

SIDE NOTE: drinking coffee and staring into the space formerly known as 'Holly's fairly tidy living room'. Again, most know that I like to be fairly organized. More than fairly actually. Right now chaos is seeping into my life. Oh how I wish I could just dump out all my empty bags and start throwing things into each.  This is how it is organized in my mind:

box 1 ("school nerd")
This gets shipped via MNG Cargo to Ankara and then to the US Embassy for shipping to Bahrain US Embassy. This consists of school books, scholarly books and anything else remotely associated with work. This is a real box... I will meet the box in Ankara to hand deliver.

box 2 (The Black Box)
This is my trusty black Da Kine rolling canvas duffel bag. Very durable, yet 1 wheel is all askew.  This means this one does not travel far. It stays in Istanbul awaiting my return in 1 year... inshallah (please Vicky... please)
Full of clothing- mostly winter, which I will not need in Bahrain.

NOTE: each 'box' will contain a packing list, and I will have a master copy (actually 2; one hardcopy and one back-up file). 

box 3 (Mr. Preppy)
This is my trusty checker-print Da Kine rolling canvas duffel bag. Very durable + has 4 working wheels. It also stays in Istanbul awaiting my return in 1 year... inshallah (please Vicky... please)
Full of memories that cannot escape my life yet (mostly travel interests).

NOTE: boxes 1, 2 and 3 to be shipped to Istanbul via MNG Cargo

box 4 (Aegean Mermaid)
This is my trusty green swirly patterned Da Kine rolling canvas duffel bag. Very durable and in working order. The Aegean Mermaid travels to Istanbul and Hawaii with me. It is full of presents.Some additional things that I need to take to Bahrain go in here.

box 5 (Mr. Dangerous)
This  is my untrustworthy rolling duffel bag hastily bought in a back alley somewhere in Istanbul I believe... Can't even remember.  I feel that I cannot trust this bag after completing 1 final mission back to a new homeland (Hawaii) where it will immigrate and try to fit in to its local surroundings. It is actually only a rotation box- only if I really need it...

box 6 (Pleasure Box)
This is my acid-green injured upright carry-on rolling bag. It had some problems over the past years. Its color has dulled to a decayed, almost forgotten green- almost unrecognizable now. This must stay here in Gaziantep I fear. The Pleasure Box is full of books that I don't want to part with, but can if absolutely necessary.  It will be hosted by none other than Solo_ojo.  He doesn't know this tidbit of information yet.  I'll likely spring it on him sometime next week when he's feeling nostalgic about how our friendship has blossomed  throughout 2 countries, 2 jobs and 2 revolutions...

box 7 (Mrs Beg, Borrow and Steal)
This is (my) loaned-out red carry-on rolling bag. It travels to Ist and Hawaii- back to its rightful mistress (owner). It has been a good loaner, and will bring immense good luck to its mistress. It has been put in charge of such tasks as secreting away my valuables during my stay here (original idea, no?)

So, that is that.  I'm sure that I missed something. I love it that one of the Turkish teachers said they would help me pack if I needed it because they were just as insanely structured and organized as I am with packing (I think perhaps even more so actually).

In essence, I have a lot to do, and finding it difficult to throw myself into it.  I am in the process of giving away EVERYTHING from my apartment.  Everybody better come and get it today because  one of the workers here is going to take everything this afternoon!!!

Now to finish up my 2nd cuppa joe and get the organizing started...

ps- there is a revolution in Turkey right now.  It's fucked up. The people are tired of the current govt trying to micro-manage their every daily move.  It's a good fight.  Much respect to all the peeps out on the front lines for the past 5 days.  I fully support and am doing what I can to further the cause.