All Hallows Eve Paia 2009

...And good times were had by all. A fairly tame evening for the ghouls & goblins this year. That's ok though. Honestly at some points throughout the evening I thought about additional points I wanted to work on for my thesis... That was in between the wine shots, the flasks of tequila & rum... The outfits weren't innovative. Mostly it seems a night for a free ticket to wear cheap, tacky lingerie made in China and walk around half naked- hardly innovative by my standards indeed. I mean that's an every day occurrence here in Hawaii- lol!

Moving along to Sunday morning fast forward to Haiku to the soggy lands of Bamboo Mountain. It's a fantastic morning lying in bed & drinking Italian espresso with the pouring rain tempting me to run naked through the property & gather some passion fruit for breakfast- no tacky Chinese lingerie for me- heh heh! I've been missing the rain so much these past few weeks of Hawaiian doldrums so I feel it came yesterday afternoon bringing good news. That the rains came on my father's birthday as well was pleasantly serendipitous.  The greatness that was that man lives inside me and constantly gives me courage to make choices about my path that I believe are the right ones.

My most recent choices are to spend christmas w/my mum, to check out grad schools w/progressive PhD programs in critical applied linguistics, and to slow down in life & take the time to let me have my mind blown again...