what's you got cooking?

The unbearable lightness of being- of sorts. I am full of glee that the stress is lifting from my body. I have been so wrapped up for months, years in academia, and keeping it so together so as to not falter off course. I have disciplined myself with all-work-and- school-and-hardly-any-play-make-Holly-stay-on-track blah blah blah. Time to cut loose and reap the benefits from all my hard work & efforts & hope they pay off. First off, If I'm thinking of delving further into the South Pacific I need snow- ASAP! Friends on the Mainland raved with week about Mt. Baker as well as Mt. Hood & all the fresh powder so early in the season. So that's cooking on the back burner. Thanksgiving... thinking my 1st draft is due for my professor around the same time, but also thinking of getting away to Hilo, or South Kona specifically. I just saw family pictures of my brother & his wife crabbing in Charleston, Oregon recently & it makes me pine to hang with them as well. Fond memories of crabbing & clamming on the Oregon coast 2 Thanksgivings past... But the school factor and travel too far away just isn't setting too well w/me right now. No I cannot lose focus just yet.
Returning to a dedicated yoga practice as well as running at sunset routine has definitely increased my energy & productivity! I am amazed how open my eyes are to everything right now. Tonight I ran through a eucalyptus forest and my eyes started watering as my nostrils became infused w/that clean, pine scent. I'm blown away by the beauty in all. Was I just not seeing it recently? Of course. I did see beauty though- beauty of academia. When you get into that research mode and everything seems ideal in that strange parallel universe.
In retrospect I probably wouldn't have worked so much as I have done the past few years in school. It seemed the only way, but there was so much I had to give up to fit work in along w/school. No matter though as something good is brewing from it. I am sure of it. Where is it brewing is the question: Istanbul, South Pacific, Alaska, South America...
To review, what are the necessities? I need yoga, I need a clean environment, I need culture, I need open space, I need science, I want a man... and not just any man. This man has to love what I do & where I go. If he can't go where I go, well then he still needs to love me. Who knows- that element always fluxuates.  That's right this is my brainstorming session & I'm cooking up the ultimate love potion: fantastic career, travel, lover = quality of life cuisine. Throw in a Chilean Malbec & some Moroccan limes for a delicious dessert & good to go.