I am woman hear me roar...metaphorically speaking... or not

I am blessed. I feel strong: strength, compassion, valor, sensuality- all of it I have channeled & this is it. This is the weekend. I'm walking the walk, talking the talk. Anticipated end result: more strength, more compassion, more valor & most of all... more sensuality. Everything is illuminated. I have faced fears, challenged myself to such extremes that I have re-designed how I view things. Of course this is a metaphor for school, and life- my take on my things.

Such mental exhaustion brings me to the final push. This volume... yes this is the one. The NYC volume? My take on that... that was a trial run. Some minor obstacles threatened to lead me astray. I saw through the weakness; the weak link that so often destroys much of humanity by leaving them to recoil in their passive-aggressive sorrows, real or imagined. I'm not one to be taken down w/lost souls, but I am grateful to learn valuable lessons from reflecting at a safe distance.

Continuing on in the tradition of metaphor, I realize sometimes one just has to go to that dark place in order to recover. As long as that is the goal: recovery- then ok, alright have at it, get it out. Don't get too comfortable though because it's a beautiful life. There are so many volume's to fill so don't waste time in one w/a disappearing plot. I'm all about the plot thickening- into a garden of earthly delights. Yes I throw flowers from my delightful garden at your contemptuous self-pity.  Take that fragrant blow to your ego- such an all-consuming target with blinking bulls-eyes- neon lights conveying the message, "do not disturb friend." What's this here? Decomposing organic waste lay at the feet of your petrifying armour awaiting for your soiled self to mulch itself back into the earth and re-birth anew. Hopefully yours is of  the hearty-annual blooming variety otherwise you're a seed waiting to be sown in vain...