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recent phenomena

Lucid dreaming. I wonder what it is as of late. I have picked up this 'sense' of dreaming (I feel like I must not remember all the dreams that occur while sleeping) and waking up randomly at a scene that I vividly remember as soon as I wake up. I know the next scene I'm headed into, and I wake up.

Also, I have been focusing on what I want to dream about and then doing just that. My creatures of study currently are my 2 Middle East Beasts: Shaika Spot and Sami Bey.

This past evening we were all snuggled together (prolly one of the last nights of needing my duck down comforter) with Sami at my feed and Shaika on the pillow. They are such amazingly strange felines. They just need to be touching me somehow. This connection we have with each other, pretty sweet. Felines are great. Somehow Shaika started sniffing my eye lashes and eyebrows. I'm thinking, "OMG she is grooming me!" They do seem to respond to me as one of their breed.

A few weeks ago, one of my Turkish colleagues gave me some velvet and satin cat ears- a headband. I was cleaning my apartment the other day and saw it on the counter so put it on. Shaika immediately jumped around and wanted to check them out.  She was sniffing them fiercely. Sami was mildly amused- as he always is...

I digressed... As I slumbered, soon I was involved in a fantastical scene with cats and rabbits in surreal scenes. I knew it was going to happen beforehand too. Everything was so elegant and fuzzy. It was as if I fell into their magical world of feline imagination. What about those rabbits though?

I awoke to both of them at my feet nestled. Shaika was staring at me dead pan. Weird. I catch her quite often staring at me. I'll suddenly look up and there she is on the stairs looking all covert, but with bulging eyes just staring. Suddenly caught offguard, she gives one last intense look, then trots off while speaking in tongues.

Other recent experiences focus on understanding what I will do next in my dreams. Not that I experience a lot of nightmares (that I remember at least), but I feel that there is some force from within that plays mixmaster of ethereal, luxurious dreams. I feel that even in my dream, I'm aware that I have some sense of awareness for what is to come, in such a way that is not urgent or necessary even. I'm not sure I'm explaining this as I'm intending.

Dreamtime. Neat.