Normal, as in 'everything's normal'

Saturday afternoon in the 'Bul.  Midway through my euphoric post-run state of mind. The first real sunny late-winter morning/afternoon run. Just a beauty of a day indeed. This comes after a foodie-sess at The Boyz shack last night. Yes we did; our Büyükdere PussPuss krewe made 'smokin hot' tofu chili for our Sariyer-style Mardi Gras shindig tonight. No matter that it was (somewhat briefly) contemplated to  show up in our 'jammies' garb...

My Hoka One Ones faithfully carried me through my 7k walk/run along the Bosporus. It's like trotting on pillows, really. They are lovely and really do keep your runs pleasant when you're a runner with a somewhat compromised back at times.

Running and yoga- those 2 elements still make me swoon with delight that we have been a team all these years. As per usual, I never run with headphones. I did during my tenure in the Middle East, but it's just not really me, for whatever reason(s). I guess I'm of the idea that body rhythms should determine pace, not external sound. Perhaps I just oscillate- do whatever feels best at that time.

some thoughts:

I'm tired of the news- mainstream, fake, alternative; whatever, all of it

late night pancakes last night after a party-prep session at the boyz was just what the alternative doctor ordered

You can now buy chocolate Mentos here

Istanbul is such a bipolar lover... some days so magnetic, irresistible, charming- just the purrfect dose of poison in which one thrives

I really am hooked on moving around every couple of years, but in a most logical way; I just really haven't found that 'sweet spot' yet. Happy to say I'm still enjoying learning the lesson. Let's all find out together where I end up next.

Running and yoga, still, is LIFE, balanced with phamily, work & other healthy leisure (food, sunsets, staring-at-walls, etc.)

pursuit of happiness

still knitting pussy-hats; presently knitting a pussy-hat for a certain pussy-cat whose favorite American football team is the Green Bay packers

it's (early) enginar (artichoke) season in Istanbul

Spring semesters are always more awesome- unless you live in the southern hemisphere I suppose!

still can't resist Skittles...

For presidential news, I seek out the professionals: Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, SNL, Conan & Trever Noah...

As well, The Young Turks & Democracy Now. Also, now, Ben Shapiro a quick nod to as I'm starting to try reading up on some of 'the other (dark) side' POVs