'Just another ordinary work day here in Istanbul' musings

Kinda feeling on top of the world this afternoon. Giddy, you could say. A (hopefully) fortunate series of events is about to take place. Bring it, I say! I'll keep y'all updated...

So, what's in my immediate thoughts you ask? Well, Surrounding me at this moment:

Iraq- A Tourist Guide (scored from a thrift shop for an animal shelter in Bahrain) from 1985, Lonely Planet Malta, my journal of unusual events to document, multiple, colorful skeins (yarn) for a plethora of knitting creations, Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita", "Ancient Turkey" Koç University archaeology book, my iPhone, 2 Mac's and 2 kitties, da kine, etc. I'm busy.

I'm also thinking about the upcoming move, somewhat. I play scenarios in my head as to how it will all go down- project positive images and focus on all that... positive, and it's all good. Yes this is how I like to approach thinking about such things.

Did I tell you guys about our Mardi Gras party? I don't think sAo. Pictures forthcoming! Perhaps a story too... I know, right- BEHAVE!!! I'll prepare first by asking the cast of characters permission to post photo-evidence of said shenanigans :) 

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