Pussyhat Project Activation: Brace Yourselves, Pussy Politics Are Coming...

Rain rain rain, pouring down. Sounds, smells, graydation converges over Büyükdere, and likely all of Istanbul this morning. A respite from my Sunday morning runs, I gratefully lie in bed, snuggled with the kitts, drinking coffee. Another fun night on the town with friends and good beer! A new (for me) Irish pub has been added to the list of watering holes to frequent as well! No Istanbul Irish pub could ever take the place of Corner Irish Pub though...

So, here is today's lore:

I came down with a hard case of the PussyHat Project Power fever (https://www.pussyhatproject.com/) from the get-go. So, here are some facts, my facts, not 'alternative facts'...
Here's Sami Bey and myself modeling the PussyHat prototype
I've now handmade a variety-pack of PussyHats for curios cats. Here is our (ever-growing) tribe of sleeper-cat cells (sleepy pussies?) - that can be called upon and activated for pussy-shenanigans at any time:

Pussyhat 1.0     Pink Pink, You Think
My Pussyhat turned into a hand-me-down (think 'sisterhood of the traveling pants' journey of beloved garb) for a sweet, quick-thinking pussy from Naples. This mysterious pussy pounced on me while visiting a typical watering hole by the sea while enjoying some adult libations with a friend. Miss Mysterioso and her handsome guard-cat were indeed curious and curiosity is so satisfying for cats... Ensuing photo shoot and delivery of the goods left all pussies involved feline fine.  This pussy should have super-cat powers and be able to intuit when and where to strike up next because I never even got this pussycat's name!

Pussyhat 1.1     Lagra                 aka Catstar with Stripes
This intrepid cat prowls around deep in the Beyoglu hoods looking for the choice tidbits. This kitty 'catures' all her catventures with a tricked out iPhone. When not out carousing, this kitty can be found at home purring with her street kitties.

Pussyhat 1.2     Vigra                 aka  Purpalicious Catnips
Mountain highs to desert lows, kitty has an expansive territory to roam. Catnip lover of the highest quality. Other kitties that catch this kitties attention should be properly groomed because this kitty is allergic to kitties.

Pussyhat 1.3     Steve-O             aka  jester of Büyükdere; 1st order
Runaway from the KiwiCatPak. Constantinople is current chomping grounds. Friendly cat. Cat whisperer.

Pussyhat 1.4     Edvice               aka  jester of Büyükdere; 2nd order
America's northern neighbor kitty kat. Canadian cats, like Canadian bacon, must be national treasures. Finicky cat, I might add; turns up his nose at the thought of consuming dead flesh.

Pussyhat 1.5     JeGra                 aka JellyMeow
Some pussycats appear easy-going and mellow. Don't cross these kitties paths though, because they are kick boxers underneath so,when backed in a corner, will kick your ass. Pets. Purrs. Powerhouse. ""Nobody backs Kitty in a corner"...
Pussyhat 1.6     Inci-kitten- smitten
Good-natured, well-groomed, and playful. Purrfect cat to curl up with on a rainy afternoon, read a good book and share a cup of tea with. 

Pussyhat 1.7     MooKat- The Grand Mooba Cat curiously goes around marking his territories with his pussy-harem.

Pussyhat 1.8     Ipek- sleek, stealth, silky cat. Status: currently prowling.

Pussyhat 1.9     HollyBerry
Giving up Pussyhat 1.0 left me with a remaining 8 lives. Hence, Pussyhat 1.9 found itself atop my pussy-cranium, after a bit of a dry spell. Busy with life and entertaining, infiltrating and taming my own cat-colony. The Middle East Beasts have settled into Ottoman life, but soon enough they will evolve, or devolve, into Pac NorWest kittsters...

Pussyhat 1.10   Topher-kitt
This cat spends nearly all his time defending his turf in The Big Apple. Yea, you can imagine this Pussycat stays busy with full-time cat-defense. A lot of interlopers be trying to take over his turf.

Pussyhat 1.11    Nick           aka The Mangler
Good instincts, as well as wii skills. Meet-ups with this cat usually occur in Istanbul's festive underbelly- a breeding ground for nocturnal, defiant kitties, definitely. Gangs of cats converging on 'open' turf to prance about, war, lap delicious milk, etc.

Pussyhat 1.12    JenJen
 PacNorWest kitties know how to deal with rain coming down on their pelts, so they like to diversify their colorful PussyCat armour to meet the needs of all kinds of weather.

Pussyhat 1.13    Curtalina Cat    aka bro-kitty
KingKat is busy all the time relaxing now and digging holes in the backyard...

Pussyhat 1.14     A really tiny pussyhat, waiting for a tiny cranium to adorn...

upcoming PussyHats:

Spy1                                            aka SambaPussPuss
Southern Hemisphere Feline fighting the good fight on the Brazilian front lines. MEOWWWW.a


So yea, our tribe of sleeper-cat cells await the next cat-call to service. Add your name to the PussyHat list!