1 woman party...reflecting on K Kitty Kat wisdom

Like a stealthy feline I'm sitting on the stoop watching the rats on their relay course darting in between cars & trash. So many perfect opportunities to pounce on one but I'm not feline enough I suppose. It's a night that I think deeply about professor Kolohe K Kitty Kat. All those nights we used to sit on my lana`i in the murkiness of damp moonless nights. Competing skyline space with the jungle taking over in layers of flowers, trees and rainsoaked clouds. Such grace & shapeliness to the scenery. With every breath soaking up this- all this- around me and each exhalation pure love.
Kolohe K Kitty Kat taught me about fascination & observation of all things nocturnal. So many nights of deafening sounds & vibrations from that land. THE spiderweb that got out of control and with each observation a witness to murder & mummification in gray coffins throughout its web of intrigue. As the rains came down the water would drip off the web with the slightest hint of tantalization. Amazement ensued watching drops trickle its network & send out momentary rays of reflected light on its route to the bottom where the waterfall would build up ever so carefully and culminate in a seemingly long disconnection.
It's like that drop was produced for the very reason I'm relaying the story- because it blew my mind. It always blew my mind. NYC is incredible in many ways but I find it difficult to really be touched deeply by the elements. So far nothing has humbled me on this hallucinatory level that I have come to develop a sense of immense appreciation for so that I can be brought to tears.
School is easing up for me this term. It seems strange to go back to a slower pace. The City already transformed me into this person that was busy all the time and never having time to sleep due 1st to studies, then to explorations. I miss those days of lazing the afternoons away at the shack. All the cooking, the laughter, the gatherings, the weather, the Sunday jazz mornings after yoga, Kolohe K Kitty Kat... Oh but there is the food...all the ethnic dishes here that is amazing. Everything my hands touched this week was delicious. I can't wait to go back to Salam Cafe, the Himalayan Restaurant- just everywhere around every corner lurks tasty treats. Oh and what about the movies? So many movies and film festivals going on all the time here. It's a dream! I adore the old theaters. And the architecture- who doesn't have their mind blown when they lay their eyes on the Flatiron Building?
The weekend was such a release. It's such a good experience to cut loose and dance. It comes so naturally the desire to free myself of inhibitions and just let the body move. I have to say though that New York dance clubs suck- the 'big' ones anyway. Masses of people standing on the dance floor with their drinks posing. All night long drinks spill & glass shatters so not only are posers standing on the dance floor but the crew as well cleaning up the mess. Strange but why not just have no drinks on the dance floor? I'm not down with that shit. Saturday night thought re-confirmed my love of fabulous sweet clubs with people in them because they want to get down and dance. I saw some amazing Brazilian jazz & R&B that was just infectious & everyone's stoked. Yea the night rocked- even the subway ride back racing against the sunrise. Even had one of those subway moments meeting an interesting NYC denzien.

I'll apologize now for any grammatical errors...