smooth sailing ahead

The calm after the storm sinks in slowly. Where to set sail now? So many images, smells, sounds flood my reality now that I feel I am already out on the open ocean charting a course guided by the stars tacking to & fro, sailing into the unknown.

As I step out of of my reality I turn around and look behind me- its still there- the past. It's not going anywhere. If I were to time travel and journey through my mind to the future what would it look like? What if I was to open those doors that remain closed? Where are they- if there are any? What lies behind those doors of perception? Ancient scrolls with intimate wisdom encrypted? I have the time and the desire to break codes. I know what is revealed will blow my mind.

I re-enter to the present moment and am grateful I can access these matters- by whatever means. It is so easy to travel to these places in the quiet of the jungle on those dark nights where so much history, or herstory, reveals itself. The difficulty and inconvenience of the City prevents me from going to these places. I am at a loss in this dichotomy. My heart is heavy with nostalgia for a life - such the life I live among the real giants of existence. Yes man can built cathedrals and monumental architectural wonders to become closer to 'the one' and to marvel at, but one only has to look at the beauty created from earth and water to know, to feel, what prevails. I want this so badly right now. I want. I want. I can't have because I've made the choice to want other things... It is necessary to continue to cultivate my mind and my body. What do I do with all this intimate wisdom? Do I open up & let people in to discover these mysteries with me? This is the skeleton key to the reception waiting behind that door of perception.
I want to live at the junction of earth & sea in a lighthouse- where the doors are round. Where science-fiction, fantasy & the open sea come together. Plan B? Plan B is to go to Montauk for the weekend...