lost & found- Metropolitan Museum of Art Young Members Soiree

1:45 am on a rainy Saturday night. Just made my way back from the theatre down on Lower East Side and didn't expect it to be raining (thunder & lightning no less) when I got out of the movie (Tetro- and another movie that comes highly recommended by me- who doesn't think Vincent Gallo is tragically brilliant in anything he does?).

I am finding the friendliest people in the strangest of ways that I have to hand it to New York- this city has opened its arms to me. S
o I'm upstairs in the lounge watching the rain fall onto the street scene and it was just so touching for me. I was considering hitting up the midnight showing of Casablanca, but I really wanted to prance around in the rain- even if only dashing to the subway station... Another option was to meet my friend at the IMF theatre to catch the midnight showing of Dr. Strangelove but she cancelled after the opera got out later than expected (Romeo & Juliet) and it was pouring on her end as well and she, such as myself, was not going to fork out $5 for another umbrella...

Furiously tapping away at the iPho
ne GPS to find my nearest subway station, a (the only) guy across from me is talking on his phone telling someone that he is headed home and staying in now due to foul weather. He looked at me and I at him and we just started laughing & were the only 2 people enjoying this brief moment in time.

After some exchanged niceties I bid my adieu explaining I'm making a run for it to the F train and a few moments later he pops by and says, "Hey I'm going that way, I'll walk you there if you want" and pops open an umbrella. It was great. He walked me 2 blocks to east 2nd & I said bye & he said bye and poof we were gone o
ut of each others motion pictures.

It's by no means a grand story but to me it was just sweet. A moment in time- in a New York Minute. I'm feeling inspired to open my arms just a little bit wider to The Big Apple. Speaking of the Big Apple, it's original meaning is rather elusive as I've been researching it this past week. So far I have found this on Wikipedia:
nickname or moniker for New York City. Although the history of the Big Apple was once considered a mystery,[1] research over the past two decades, primarily by noted amateur etymologist Barry Popik[2] and Professor Gerald Cohen of Missouri University of Science and Technology,[3] has provided a reasonably clear picture of the term's history. Prior to their work, there were a number of false etymologies,[4] of which the most ridiculous was the claim that the term
derived from a New York brothel whose madam was known as Eve.[5] This was subsequently exposed as a hoax[6] and has been replaced on the source web site with more accurate information.[7]
The Big Apple was first popularized as a reference to New York City by John J. Fitz Gerald in a number of New York Morning Telegraph articles in the 1920s in reference to New York horse-racing. The earliest of these was a casual reference on May 3, 1921. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in 1997 signed legislation designating the southwest corner of West 54th Street and Broadway, the corner on which John J. Fitz Gerald resided from 1934 to 1963, as "Bi
g Apple Corner."[19]

Ok where was I? Big Apple- yes then there is The Big Easy. I lost out over a war with school books on going down to The Big Easy this coming week. What wretched timing finals... I have made the wrong choice for the right reasons unfortunately... I hate being so civil and realistic sometimes (pondering over the 13$K for grad school this summer makes me be realistic). Bittersweet memories that can't be
made rise up through my chest echoing back and forth in images of seductively aromatic smells (what I wold give to smell night blooming jasmines wafting by my window right now as moon beckons me to come out and play) and cajun spices set against a backdrop of hot, damp humidity and moody jazz ... All I can express is my deepest regrets that I cannot manifest the rest of this memorable nonstory- as I'm sure he is devastated as well. Yea definitely so- he is a smart man.